The TruffleShuffle Christmas Openening Hours/Days 2015

Just a few hours to go! We’re sure by now your juuuust about ready to bring on a whole host of festivities and gorge on only the most delicious treats. It’s all pretty awesome!
As you can imagine, all us TruffleShuffle Elves are pretty spent after picking, packing and sending our allllll the Christmas gifts you lovely folk have been snapping up so we’ll be having just a few days off to recover and enjoy Christmas in style.

To keep you in the loop of when we will be in to answer any questions or comments, below are our opening times and days so you know when you can catch us. We’ll also be on our social pages as much as possible so any emergencies just try us there.

Wednesday 23rd December 9am-5pm
Thursday 24th December 10am-3pm
Friday 25th December CLOSED
Saturday 26th December CLOSED
Sunday 27th December CLOSED
Monday 28th December CLOSED
Tuesday 29th December 9am-5pm
Wednesday 30th December 9am-5pm
Thursday 31st December 10am-3pm
Friday 1st January CLOSED
Saturday 2nd January CLOSED
Sunday 3rd January CLOSED
Monday 4th January 9am-5pm
We’ll be back in work 9am Tuesday the 29th December to answer any of your questions – otherwise, please just pop us an email at and we’ll get back to you the second we’re back at our desks! Promise!

We hope you have a great day tomorrow full of fun, food, family, friends and of course PRESENTS!

See you soon