It’s Here! Deadpool Is Out Today! Are You Ready?

Well….the big day we’ve ALLLLL been waiting for is finally here folks! Yep the long awaited and super anticipated Marvel superhero film hits our big screens here in the UK today and well…..we’re pretty darn excited!

Now, there is no denying Deadpool’s perhaps slightly chequered big screen movie past, BUT there’s also no denying just what and amazing character he is and what a gem of the Marvel universe he’s grown to be. Featuring with the X-Men in their comics from only the early 90s, Deadpool certainly broke the mould along with the fourth wall with his perhaps sliiightly twisted sense of humour and of course super healing ability much like his buddy Wolverine. A human experiment gone wrong, Deadpool would quickly become something of an icon and certainly a character who stood out from the pack.

Getting a new lease of life this year, this new big screen adventure sees Special Forces operative Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds *swoooon* undergo a rogue experiment which leaves him disfigured and the ability to heal super-fast. A shift in look and ability helps him create and alter ego with a warped mind and lack of fear which enables him to better hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life. Will he do it? Will he find justice?
Take a peep at the official trailer…

Jumping around like a kid at Christmas, we’re sure this amazing new installment of this classic character will live up to the expectations and hopefully bring this epic character to a whole new audience and scratch the Deadpool itch of all us old school fans.

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Seen it? Let us know what you thought below…