Time To LWYRUP With Better Call Saul Season 2 Next Week!

Sweet Jimmy McGill! Season two is sooo nearly here! As mad as it may seem, we’re just days away from an all new season of the Breaking Bad spin-off that is Better Call Saul.

Filling that Albuquerque shaped hole that Breaking Bad left us with, Better Call Saul was the fix we all needed and welcomed Slippin’ Jimmy….sorry Saul Goodman back into our lives and gave us and all new insight into the life of this pivotal character before Walter White ever even thought about a life of crime.

Last season saw us follow Saul and his ongoing struggle to go it straight. Fighting for a single case to sink his teeth into, Saul began to make some enemies and allies while watching his brother Chucks back who believes he suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Desperate for any case, Saul shows his determination to win at all costs, even if it means getting his hands dirty.

With another 13 episodes to enter our lives through season 2, there is plenty more to come from Saul which might even reveal more about Breaking Bad.

Hitting our screens here in the UK on February 16th on AMC, now is the perfect time to start spreading the love and preparing for this wild ride! Check out our range of official Better Call Saul TShirts which are available from only £9.99!

So what do you think will happen to Saul in this next installment? Give us your plot theories below…