Need a Wingman? Our Exclusive New Top Gun Clothing Has Just Taken Flight!

As a lot of you movie fans in the land will know, many films are good, some are truly great, but even fewer reach the level of cult classic. Top Gun is one such film.

Released back in 1986, (which despite what we might actually think is a little more than fifteen years ago…. scary), Top Gun has risen to become a true crowning glory of 80s cinema with its action-packed fighter jet scenes, heart tugging story of loss and struggle, one of the best soundtracks ever and….yes….sure the odd topless volleyball and locker room scenes. Well it was the 80s.

Here at TruffleShuffle, Top Gun has been on of our true staples and we’ve stocked a huge range of exclusive Top Gun TShirts for …ooooh… well, longer than we’d like to remember. Always looking to up our game, we’ve been busy once again creating some exclusive new Maverick designs which are sure to tickle your fashion taste-buds. Take a flyby and check them out below….

Pretty snazzy huh! We’ll the fun doesn’t end there, we’ve also added some funky new call signs to the back of each design to you can represent your hero Maverick the way he would love… style!

For all these and so much more, pop on over to and check out our complete range of Top Gun Clothing today. See you there!