TruffleShuffle’s Top ‘Movie Logic’ Moments.

So we love movies…..  mean we REALLY love movies! We have the simply amazing pleasure to talk about movies each and every day amongst ourselves and with all you guys on our social media pages and profiles and we still never tire of them. Whether it’s reminiscing about the films we watched growing up (and still watch of course) or perhaps the films that are being released now or in the future, getting our fill of film goodness is part of the job when we’ve tasked ourselves with providing some of THEEE best movie merchandise online. It’s a chore… we know!

As much as we do love films (have we mentioned?), there are plenty of things about them which seem weirdly so much not like actual life. Naturally dramatic effect and creative inspiration are some of the best parts of any film, however some things have perhaps been around the block a few times and have become… well… expected even when  they don’t really make any sense.

So! To highlight some of these little things we’ve noticed over our years, we put together some of our favourite ‘Movie Logic’ moments. Enjoy!

> Big industrial lights make a loud noise when they turn on…

Chunk! Chunk! Chunk! as they light up the giant open space in sequence. We have a warehouse and sadly this just doesn’t happen, no matter how hard we try. They all turn on at one with perhaps a very slight hum. Booooooring!

> You can NEVER look back at an explosion you just caused…

If you’ve just caused and explosion and you don’t want people to know it was you or perhaps it was some sort of revenge, just casually walk away and pretend like you didn’t notice….. right? How do they even do that without so much as a flinch? Skills.

> If something explodes in space, it will cause a huge fireball…

Sadly in reality, space has no air to transfer the explosive energy, so explosions would have an initial big flash, and the resulting spherical fireball and debris would travel away from the point of explosion far too fast for the eye to see. The idea of smoke or fire rising or even something ‘falling’ would make no sense in zero gravity where there is no up or down. Hey….it sure looks cool though!

> If you’re running from someone in a city, you will always find a parade to to hide in…

as weird as it seems, in the movies every weekend in every town there will be some sort of parade with dancers, floats and music for you to either run through or perhaps just take refuge in. Something worth noting next time you’re in a tight spot trying to avoid someone you went on a date with once.

> No matter how many gears the car has, there’s always more you can use…

So you’re speeding flat out drying to get away then suddenly there is REAL danger…. just shift to that extra gear you’ve been saving, sure to give you the extra edge. Or perhaps NOW is the perfect time to use those extra inches of accelerator travel you didn’t think of before. Nailing it.

> Not even the biggest computer nerd will need to use a mouse…

In movies, quite literally everything you can ever imagine can be hacked or rewritten on a computer without even a swipe or click of a mouse. Sadly, we can’t even open a word doc without one let alone open a government firewall.

> If you see a helicopter, it WILL blow up at some point…

See that bad guy ripping it up in the sky? Or perhaps it’s your only way to escape from danger….sadly, it will be blown up. Sorry, it just will.

> Even if everything is destroyed and loads of people are killed, it’s still a happy ending.

So after the epic battle of all battles that will… eventually… show good defeat evil, the city is in ruins, (suspiciously empty) buildings destroyed and monuments ablaze, it’s still time to party as they found the girl or the one bad guy was defeated. Evil defeated, it’s still a pretty bad day surely.

So there you have them folks! Any other movie logic weirdness you can think of? Let us know by commenting below.

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