X Sunset Cinema!

Hey you guys!

So, perhaps some of you eager Beavers recently spotted that last Friday, we had the amazing privilege of sponsoring Sunset Cinema’s Bristol showing of one of THEEEE greatest films ever…. The Goonies!

So what were we doing there?? Well, not only are we always up for a chance to see this 80s epic adventure, but we were also there to hand out goodies to movie goers, run a little competition to win some amazing prizes and generally have a good night with everyone all while wearing our finest exclusive Goonies TShirts of course. Be rude not to right?

Taking place at the gem of a location Bristol’s Ashton Court, our task was simple….hand out a good few hundred bags of official popcorn to the plenty of hungry movie goers.
Handing out as many of these free bags of sweet goodness as we could possibly carry, it was so great to talk to fellow 80s lovers and of course Goonies mad fans. Take a peep at some of the action…

Getting to meet customers and fellow 80s fans was sooo much fun. Massive thank you to everyone who came by and stopped to chat to all us over-excited shufflers.

With all the bags gone and everyone in place, it was time to pour a large glass and start the film which would soon whoosh us right back to our childhoods and have us shaking our bellies once more. Bliss!

So did you make it to this or any of their other events? Be sure to check for more outdoor cinema nights near you as they are too cool!