The TruffleShuffle Festive Opening Hours/Days 2017

Deck the halls and drink some sherry... that’s how it goes right? Either way, it’s now time for us TruffleShuffle Elves to hang up our hats, kick off our boots and get stuck into some festive fun times!

Juuuust before we dish out some of the boring bits, we just wanted to say a mahoooosive THANK YOU to everyone who has placed and order, been in touch, been on the website or who has even just mentioned us in passing! We totally appreciated each and everyone of you who supports us and is now part of the TruffleShuffle gang. You rock and we wouldn’t change you for the world!

As much fun as we have getting to live and breathe TruffleShuffle, we do love Christmas and these Elves certainly would love a little break before we begin to even think about 2018. So! Below are our festive opening and closing times and dates for your reference….

Saturday 23rd December CLOSED
Sunday 24th December CLOSED
Monday 25th December CLOSED
Tuesday 26th December CLOSED
Wednesday 27th December 9am-5pm
Thursday 28th December 9am-5pm
Friday 29th December 9am-5pm
Saturday 30th December CLOSED
Sunday 31st December CLOSED
Monday 1st January CLOSED
Tuesday 2nd January 9am-5pm

We’ll be back to work 9am Wednesday 27th December to answer any of your burning questions – otherwise, please just pop us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

You can also get in touch via social Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, however generally we would guide order or product queries to our customer team as they are the pros!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Let’s make 2018 one to remember!

See you soon!

TruffleShuffle Team x