Our Top On-Screen Dads Ranked In Order of Awesomeness

Ohhh how we love a good on-screen dad! Always there to offer handy advice, keep spirits high and give us the occasional laugh.

With Father’s Day juuuuust lurking around the corner and our Father’s Day Gift Guide well and truly in full swing, we thought we would take some time to pick out some of our favourite on-screen dads and help celebrate some of the most iconic characters ever!
Check out our On-Screen Dads Ranked In Order of Awesomeness… enjoy!


15. Sandy Cohen – The O.C

Too damn cool for school! Sandy has made a name for himself with with his working class upbringing, he’s grounded, knows what hard work is and always willing to give solid advice.  Proper dude.

14. Sam Baldwin – Sleepless in Seattle

Sam Baldwin

Geniune, warm, funny… what more could you want?! Looking for someone to come over for a BBQ, sip some cold ones and just hang outl ong into the night… Sam would surely be high on the list of people to call. Right?

13. Ned Stark – Game of Thrones

Ned Stark

Not only has he raised some of the most capable leaders and strong-willed kids in the land, he also gave them Direwolves! Strong, dependable and seemingly endless world knowledge in which to impart, Ned  is a real rarity in the Game of Thrones world. Sure, not perfect but seems to have done the best he could.

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12. Arthur Weasley – Harry Potter

Packed with quirks, characters, fun and with a generious nature, Arthur is a pretty top dad! He instills a strong sence of family with a loving and stern approach when needed. Always there for his kids with a cheekly smile and wisdom that seems bigger than his years. Legend.

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11. Peter Banning – Hook

Peter Banning

Okay, maybe not the most shining example to begin with and sure, it takes a pretty epic adventure to remind him how to be a good dad but hey, he’s such a laugh! As Dads go, having one that it litterally Peter Pan and can fly would be pretty epic. Just us?

10. Mac MacGuff – Juno

Dealing with some pretty big stuff like a total champ, we’re pretty sure you could throw anything at Mac and he would come out with a laugh. Strong and level, Mac knows the score and knows just what to say… even if it’s just to raise a smile. Legend.

9. Noah Levenstein – American Pie

Funny (without meaning to be), super caring and wanting nothing more than the best for his family, Jim’s dad is a pretty cool guy. Pretty much the king of awkward, he’s always there to talk to… even when you’d rather not… and comes packed with life experience and advice… which you might not want to hear. Hard to fault Noah really. Solid dad material.

8. Clark Griswold – National Lampoon’s Vacation

Being basically the ideal dad that any kid would define for themselves, Clark never lets work, life, general responsibility and safety spoil the fun! A real misguided hero for sure who would be the first name on our list of people to bring camping. It would be a mess…. but what a laugh!

7. John McClane – Die Hard

Looking to play some playground ‘my dads the toughest, hardest, strongest?’, John would win this EASY! Single handedly taking down an entire criminal group in one night to save Christmas, his estranged wife and possibly being his family back together, we’re sure not going to argue with his epic dad status.

6. Daniel Hillard – Mrs. Doubtfire

Pretty much the furthest lengths you can go to to see your kids, Daniel actually just became a whole new person! Who would have thought that becoming a woman would make Daniel a better man at the end and help teach him just what his kids needed from him as a dad. There’s no denying his love and commitment to his kids which makes him one of our top candidates.

5. Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

Do we REALLY need to give any reasons?? We’re not sure where to begin explaining how Phil is one of the best on-screen dads ever. He’s suuuuper funny, cares so much, wants nothing but the best for his family and will always be there for them with a smile on his face and a frisbie in hand. We love him.

4. Hal Wilkerson – Malcolm in the Middle

Oh poor Hal! Putting up with more than any parents ever should from their kids, Hal and Lois are pretty damn heroic. Hal is more of the good cop, than bad cop with his immature, clumsy and naive outlook on life which is perfect fun dad material!

3. Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

Much like our real-life dads, we’re pretty sure Homer raised us all! A TV icon, Homer’s character and parenting style of being lazy, incompetent, violent and careless are always somehow overshadowed with waves of love for his family and bags of fun! Proper hero, proper dad.

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2. Philip Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Equal parts loving and strict, Uncle Phil knew the score and was determined to instill only the best values for his kids despite their wealthy lifestyle. Down to earth, strong and never one to mix his words, Phil would always be there to offer advice, and keep the kids in check when they were lead astray.

1. Mufasa – The Lion King

1st job Dad, 2nd job King. In at number one we have our Disney hero Mufasa. Why though? Well…. despite his responsibilities, he always had time for his family, waking up early to hang with his kid, taking long walks to explain the world to Simba and teach valuable lessons, defending Simba from the pesky hyenas, explains Simbas wrongs to him carefully and perhaps above all else, know how to have fun with his son.
What more reasons could you ever want?

so there you have them peeps! If you have the chance to, make sure you spoil your very own Mufasa this year with our huge selection of Father’s Day Gifts including mugs, tshirts, posters and more! Take a peep hope all you dads out there have a fantastic day!