He’s Home! Welcoming Our New E.T Clothing from Dedicated

Exciting times here at Truffle Towers peeps! We’ve had a whole heap of completely awesome brands on to the site including the fantastic Dedicated!

Bringing us some seriously ace new E.T. TShirts and accessories, Dedicated have added a whole wave of streetwear cool to our collection and we just had to shout about it.

Combining stylish streetwear, sustainability AND one of our all-time favourite 80s films, Dedicated have really smashed it out of the park with these new styles. Take a look for yourself!

E.T. Phone Home T-Shirt from Dedicated

Packing all kinds of childhood nostalgia, this White E.T. Phone Home T-Shirt is sure to be a hit with any fan of this Spielberg classic.

Men's White E.T. Phone Home T-Shirt from Dedicated

Also available in a men’s style, this simple classic is just begging to be styled up with a simple classic look, or a feature piece for some serious throwback retro vibes.

Women's White E.T. Kiss T-Shirt from Dedicated

Did we cry during this scene? Who… us? Pshhh! Na-uuh. Okay so maybe this awesome White E.T. Kiss T-Shirt featuring a young Drew Barrymore does bring up some tearful memories of this classic scene. All the more reason to love it, right?

Men's White E.T. Closet T-Shirt from Dedicated

Totally loving this snap of E.T. peering out of the closet on this White E.T. Closet T-Shirt. This adds sooo much for his character and is such a great way to show your love for this lovable space friend.

Men's Black E.T. Long Sleeve T-Shirt from Dedicated

About as instantly recognisable as they come, we love so much about this E.T. Long Sleeve T-Shirt from it’s iconic logo to the sleeve details. Nailed it!

But there’s more!

Not satisfied with totally rocking the t-shirt game, Dedicated have brought us some totally stunning new E.T. Socks which we’re sure we might never want to take off!

E.T. Hoodie Socks from Dedicated

Remember the scene with E.T rocking Elliots red hoodie? How can you forget! Wear that moment with pride thanks to these ace E.T. Hoodie Socks

E.T. Moon Socks from Dedicated

Looking for a more subtle nod to your favourite alien? We got you! Wear the most iconic moment with pride thanks to these stunning new E.T. Moon Socks. You’ll be crying to show them off!

So there you have it peeps! For all these and more, check out our full collection of E.T. merchandise and snap up the perfect item for you.