Going Potty For Potter: 20% Off All Harry Potter This Week!

You read it right folks! All this week we’re waving our magic wand and have taken a cool 20% off all of our Harry Potter items!

Harry Potter

But where to start? With SOOO much fab Harry Potter Merchandise to pick from, we thought we would dive in and pick out some of our top picks and most popular items for you to snap up like it ain’t no thang. Let’s go!

Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Shaped Mug

Talk about one smart Owl! It’s time to add a whole heap of Potter love to your next brew round with a little help from our Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Shaped Mugs!

Now only £11.19

Men's 2pk Harry Potter Socks

The perfect pair of socks doesn’t exci…. oh yes they do! Slide into these ace Harry Potter Socks and add subtle nods to your favourite story whatever you’re up to.

Now only £5.99

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Team Quidditch T-Shirt

Prize wit, learning, and wisdom… ringing any bells? If this sounds like you, you don’t need The Sorting Hat to tell you you’re House Ravenclaw through and through.
Wear your colours in style with our Harry Potter Ravenclaw Team Quidditch T-Shirt.

Now only £11.99

Harry Potter Mini Lightning Bolt Backpack

Talk about having bags of Potter love! Okay, pretty cheesy but hey it’s hard not to love our Harry Potter Mini Lightning Bolt Backpack. Ideal for when you’re off having adventures of your own.

No only £31.99

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Door Mat

Go you get a lot of muddy muggles though your doors? We’ve got just the thing for you with our Harry Potter Sorting Hat Door Mat!

Now only £11.99

Swarovski Crystal Embellished Harry Potter Golden Snitch Necklace

Now, THIS is special! Take your collection the whole new levels with one of our Harry Potter Golden Snitch Necklaces. Beautifully adorned with shimmering Swarovski crystals and crafted in sterling silver.

Now only £46.39

Yesh! So many goodies to pick from we wouldn’t possibly show you them all! Hope on over to our site and pick out the perfect Harry Potter tshirts and gifts for you. Hurry though, offer ends this week!