Exclusive New Knightmare Clothing & Accessories That Will Have You Screaming At Your Screens!

Enter stranger and prepare to take a trip back in time to the dank and dreary depths of Knightmare Castle with our latest tribute range!

We don’t know about you, nut back in the day we were totally obsessed with the virtual reality interactive gameplay show Knightmare.

Bringing all the drama, four brave dungeoneers would attempt to complete a set of riddles and mazes in order to escape. Three would be shouting orders the only adventurer who was blindfolded by the Helmet of Justice. You’d better hope they all know their left from their right! Let the adventure begin!

Knightmare Armoured Knight White And Black Ringer T-Shirt

Always thought you could have done a better job and totally smashed your way out? This exclusive Knightmare Armoured Knight White And Black Ringer T-Shirt is just the ticket for you!

Knightmare Ooh Nasty Black T-Shirt

If you’re hearing these words on our Knightmare Ooh Nasty Black T-Shirt while in the dungeon… you know things are getting a little scary!

I Survived Knightmare Mug

Pop on some classic telly or rewatch some of the most ‘unfortunate’ moments from this iconic kids show with a hot cuppa in our ace new I Survived Knightmare Mug. Bliss!

Knightmare Dungeoneer Tote Bag

Perfect for keeping all your adventure essentials with you because… you never know what you’ll need! Pick up our Knightmare Dungeoneer Tote Bag and be ready for anything the dungeon (or real life) throws at you.

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