Raising A Mug For National Tea Day 2020!

If there is one thing we hold close to our hearts here at Truffle Towers, it’s tea!

If you’ve not seen the TruffleShuffle tea round (when we can get one made… you know who you are), you’re in for a treat and it hopefully shows just how much of a magical moment they are.

Of course, it’s not just us who love a cracking cuppa and we know just how much this simple pleasure can mean to so many which is why we’re always sure we’ve got a fresh supply of cool mugs to help take your brew game from weak and cold to strong and oh so hot!

Take a peep at some of our fave mugs available right now to help make your next tea round a whole lot more special. Enjoy!

Wallace And Gromit Gromit Shaped Mug

Don’t love this mug? You must be barking! Who better to share a crackin’ cuppa with than Aardman’s iconic pooch with this Wallace And Gromit Gromit Shaped Mug!

Friends Picture Frame Mug

Could there BE a cooler mug? Take yourself off to Monica’s apartment for a hot brew with this ace Friends Picture Frame Mug. Such an iconic design!

Button Moon Mug

One spoon or two? Surely there’s only ONE spoon… Mr Spoon! Add a whole heap of nostalgic sweetness to your cuppa with this totally retro and exclusive Button Moon Mug!

Disney The Lion King Simba 3D Mug

Say Hakuna Matata and forget any worries over a cuppa with your friend Simba in this adorable Disney The Lion King Simba 3D Mug! The perfect pal when watching your favourite Disney movies.

Labyrinth Babe Mug With Black Handle

Are you the babe? The babe with the power, the power to make a solid cuppa! We can take on anything after a brew in our Labyrinth Babe Mug With Black Handle. Even the labyrinth itself! Maybe…

Rugrats Mug

Surely nothing screams 90s more than the iconic Rugrats! Grab yourself THE mug everyone will be swooning after at work with our Rugrats Mug.

Disney Flippin Awesome Little Mermaid Tail Mug

It’s official, the world has gone head over heels for Disney mugs! With total gems available like our Disney Flippin Awesome Little Mermaid Tail Mug, it’s not hard to see why!

These are just a tiny few of our full collection of novelty mugs available. For our full range, head on over to our site!