Dance Magic, Dance… Exclusive New Labyrinth Collection!

Labyrinth opened in cinemas this weekend back in 1986 which gives you the perfect excuse to fill your wardrobe with our brand new tribute tees right?
Each one is adorned with a scene from the cult classic, capturing all the friends and foes that Sarah meets along the way.

Exclusively available right here at, come check out the full range of Labyrinth TShirts (or forever be suspended headfirst into the Bog of Eternal Stench.)

Labyrinth Ballroom Dance Screenshot White T-Shirt

Big hair, big sleeves, power makeup and cruel eyes a go-go, this Labyrinth Ballroom Dance T-Shirt pays homage to one unforgettable 80s movie moment.

Labyrinth Dance Magic Dance Screenshot Black T-Shirt

The perfect way to pay tribute to one of the best things to come out of the 80s, we think you should ‘indulge in the bulge’ and treat yourself to this wicked Labyrinth Dance Magic Dance T-Shirt featuring David Bowie as Jareth, King of the Goblins.

Labyrinth Goblins Screenshot Black T-Shirt

Get ready to receive many, many compliments wearing this wickedly nostalgic Labyrinth Goblins T-Shirt with a screenshot of those creepy little goblins.

Labyrinth Friends Screenshot White T-Shirt

Friend? Heck yes! Show your love for your adventure buddies with this new Labyrinth Friends T-Shirt. The perfect way to proudly display your affection for this 80s classic.

Labyrinth Jareth Screenshot Black T-Shirt

It’s hard not to be seduced by the powers or Jareth with just one look into his eyes on our new Labyrinth Jareth Screenshot Black T-Shirt. A simple and timeless classic.

Labyrinth Ludo And Sarah Screenshot White T-Shirt

Capturing a magically misty moment in the movie, this screenshot design Labyrinth Ludo And Sarah T-Shirt perfectly depicts the sweet friendship between Sarah and Ludo, helping each other through the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth Worm Screenshot White T-Shirt

If you’re going to let your T-shirt do the talking, why not make it say ‘Ello!’? Featuring a screenshot of the friendly blue haired worm who just loves a cuppa with his missus, this Labyrinth Worm T-Shirt is one for the true fans.

Labyrinth Jareth And Toby Screenshot Black T-Shirt

Everything we’ve done, we’ve done for you… including designing this ace new Labyrinth Jareth And Toby Screenshot Black T-Shirt.

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