🍾 Crack Open The Bolly Darling… 🥂

After spending way too many hours of lockdown binge-watching the incredible Absolutely Fabulous, we couldn’t resist paying tribute to everyone’s favourite champagne-swigging, Lacroix-wearing fashionistas, Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon with our latest drop.

It’s time to wear your love for this total British comedy icon with help from our exclusive new Absolutely Fabulous TShirts and Mugs! Check out our latest designs…

Absolutely Fabulous Black T-Shirt

Heavy-drinking, dysfunctional adults desperate to stay young and ‘hip’… remind you of anyone? We’ve sure been guilty of being at least some of these from time to time which is maybe why our Absolutely Fabulous Black T-Shirt speaks to us so much!

Absolutely Fabulous Patsy Screenshot White T-Shirt

A truly iconic character from this award-winning comedy classic, what better way to show your love for Patsy than our new Absolutely Fabulous Patsy Screenshot T-Shirt!

Accessorise with countless ciggies, plenty of booze and constant catty insults with this Ab Fab Sweetie Darling Mug that we’re sure Eddy and Pats would think is SO ‘in’.

Ab Fab Sweetie Darling Boxed Mug

So what’s your favourite moment from this show? Are these designs digging up a whole heap of classic stories and scenes?

Shop our complete collection of Ab Fab Merchandise over on our site now and add a little ‘darling’ to your day.