Celebrating 35 Years Of The Raccoons!

Quiet, peaceful, serene… that is, until Bert Raccoon wakes up!

And as if that year hadn’t given us enough gems, today back in 1985 marked the very first episode of The Raccoons!

Hard to believe it’s been so long since our first introduction to the Evergreen Forest and the adventures of Bert, Melissa, Ralph, and Cedric as they battled evil businessman Cyril Sneer (booooo!)

The Raccoons

Rising to become a truly iconic cartoon of the 80s, The Raccoons has been in our hearts from day one and in our minds also thanks to the totally catchy theme tune!

Working with the shows original creator – the amazing Kevin Gillis – we’re so proud to have our very exclusive collection of The Raccoons TShirts on our site so what better time to come check it out?

Men's The Raccoons Gang Grey Marl T-Shirt

Featuring the whole crew, we love the contrast of the bright and bold designs against our super-soft cotton grey TShirt. Why didn’t we have thisย The Raccoons Gang T-Shirt back in the 80s too?!

The Raccoons Protect Our Forests Organic T-Shirt

True early spokespeople (spokesraccoons?) for caring for your environment, support Bert, Melissa, Ralph, and Cedric in their battle against evil businessman Cyril Sneer with our The Raccoons Protect Our Forests Organic T-Shirt which pledges to protect The Evergreen Forest.

Women's The Raccoons Gang Orchid T-Shirt

Carrying bags of retro style with it, this The Raccoons Gang Orchid T-Shirt is one you’ll want to wear always with its bold colour and bright print.

The Raccoons Cyril Sneer Evil Genius Black T-Shirt

Someone we all loved to hate, Cyril Sneer is really someone who puts himself (and his money of course) before anything else. Show your ‘love’ for this chainsaw-wielding, cigar-smoking, aardvark with our The Raccoons Cyril Sneer Evil Genius Black T-Shirt.

The Raccoons Gang Boxed Mug

Who better to share an early morning cuppa with than The Raccoons? Sit back and imagine you’re in the middle of Evergreen Forest with the gang while you sip from this The Raccoons Gang Mug

The Raccoons Tote Bag

If it’s looking after the planet you’ve got in mind, take one step closer towards sustainability and ship with Bert and our 100% cotton The Raccoons Tote Bag.

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