Stay Safe, Stay Retro… Exciting New Face Masks Now In!

Sure to be known as THE must-have accessory of 2020… for good reason, we’ve just added even more fun facemasks to our collection so you have even more ways to really express yourself and add some style to proceedings.

Take a peep at some of our latest designs that will help keep you and others save while looking totally ace!

Set of Two Friends Phrases Face Masks

Perhaps like a commercial Chandler would come up with… “Face masks… because your family’s faces deserve the best”. Protecting yourself and others never looked so damn cool thanks to these Friends Phrases Face Masks!

Set of Two Batman Logo Face Masks

Just like Batman, you’re on a mission to protect your community and keep people safe… buuut you know… looking totally cool at the same time never did any harm, right? Pick up our Batman Logo Face Masks and become a local hero of your town.

Set of Two Friends Central Perk Face Masks

There’s nothing like a little something to perk you up in the day huh. Give yourself a little boost each time you leave the house with these fan fave Friends Central Perk Face Masks!

Set of Two Wonder Woman Women Will Save The World Face Masks

Channel some Wonder Woman attitude and help in the mission to keep everyone safe with these awesome Wonder Woman Women Will Save The World Face Masks.

Set of Two Superman Logo Face Masks

Grab your cape, grab your mask and set about your daily business in superhero style! We’re keeping things DC comics cool with these ace new Superman Logo Face Masks.

Set of Two Scooby Doo Face Masks

Off out to pick up more Scooby snacks? You might want to at least look and feel the part with a little help from these totally fun new Scooby-Doo Face Masks!

Set of Two Looney Tunes Sylvester Face Masks

Always on the go and feel like you’re chasing your own Tweety around sometimes? We hear that! Add a whole heap of kitty appreciation with these fun new Looney Tunes Sylvester Face Masks.

That’s all folks…. right? Nope! We’ve got even more novelty facemasks for you to pick up and spread some smiles around over on our site. Head over and find the perfect design for you!