Become The Lord of Lounging With Our Top Pyjamas and Loungewear For Men!

Surely becoming THE style of 2020, the humble pyjamas quickly became the only must-have you needed while kicking back, popping the kettle on and waiting for this whole thing to blow over á la Shaun of the Dead style… but not in a pub (don’t remind us!).

Getting cosy has been totally the theme so finding new and fun ways to jazz life up, express yourself or simply to have a bit of fun with it on a video call has become essential. Doing just this, we’ve been expanding our range of Men’s Pyjamas so much it’s fit to burst with amazing designs form Star Wars, Jurassic Park, NASA, Disney, Superheroes and so much more.

To help you pick our your perfect pair or even for some added inspiration if you’re looking for an ideal gift for some lucky person this year, check out our top picks from the range…

Men's White The Mandalorian Pyjamas

This is the way… to a great nights sleep courtesy of our Men’s Mandalorian Pjs. Perfect for relaxing in after epic bounty hunting missions and a great gift idea for the Mando fan in your universe.

Men's Skeletor Masters of The Universe Pyjamas

I am not nice, I am not kind, and I am not wonderful!

You’ll be chillin’ like a villain with these dastardly Skeletor Pyjamas in your collection!

Men's Back To The Future Pyjamas

For when things are moving a little slower than 88mph, relax in total retro style with these fan-fave 80s classic Back to the Future Pyjamas.

Men's The Simpsons Duff Beer Pyjamas

If there is one guy who really knows how to kick back and relax, it’s Homer! Take a leaf out of his book and add some Simpsons charm to your day with these ace Homer Simpsons Pyjamas.

Men's NASA Pyjamas

Does getting up to fetch a drink or reach for the remote feel like a bigger mission than reaching the moon? That’s when you know you’re chilling skills are out of this world! Show some love for the iconic missions with this ice cool NASA Pyjamas.

Men's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Pyjamas

Remember sitting in your pjs watching in the TMNT in action back in the day? We sure do and now you can do this in more style than ever with this awesome set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pyjamas!

Men's Rick And Morty Pyjamas

If your next adventure is looking like kicking back with your favourite Netflix shows, do it in complete comfort with these Rick and Morty Pyjamas.

Men's Navy The Muppets Animal Pyjamas

Give in to your inner lazy beast in these wild The Muppets Animal PJs! Featuring everyone’s favourite zany drummer in a loud and proud print, they’re perfect to recharge in before any crazy escapades.

For all these ace designs and heaps more, check out our complete collection of pyjamas for men over on the website.