Our Top New Year’s Eve Party Games! 🎲

Sure, along with all your other plans for 2020, New Year’s Eve plans are not quite what we were hoping for… but that doesn’t mean it’s can’t be totally fun!
With our amazing range of games, trivia cards and more, we’re sure we will have just what you’ll need to make your NYE night in go with a bang.

To help you pick up the perfect activities and games for your family to enjoy, we’ve picked out some of our very favourite that we’ll sure be reaching for this New Year’s Eve. Take a look!

tar Wars Baby Yoda The Child's Cute Loot Game

Who doesn’t love The Child? Play different Baby Yoda cards to win sets of The Child’s favourite things in this Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child’s Cute Loot Game. Use the Force power cards to beat your opponents. Fun AND cute!

Friends Trivia Quiz

Could this quiz BE any cooler? Made with serious Friends geeks in mind, this cracking quiz tests your fan credentials on the best 90s TV show ever. This Friends Trivia Quiz will reveal who the REAL Friends fan is.

Labyrinth Card Game from Riverhorse

Another genius creation from Riverhorse, this Labyrinth card game is packed full of beautiful illustrations by Ralph Horsley. Pit your skills against family and friends as you try to complete the Labyrinth in this awesome Labyrinth card game.

F*ck Marry Kill Card Game

We’ve played this game countless times in our heads so it seems to make total sense to make it official with this F*ck, Marry, Kill card game. It’s crude, its. rude and we LOVE IT!

Top Gun Monopoly Game

Celebrate the wonder of the highest-grossing movie of 1986 with this wicked, official Top Gun Monopoly game.
Buy up fighter pilots, aircraft, hangars and military barracks and bankrupt your opponents as you battle for total control of the board.

University Challenge Card Game

This brilliant Unversity Challenge game will be loads of fun for those of you who are academically excellent and those of you who attempt to play along with the game on the telly and noisily rejoice on the rare occasions when you get an answer right.

Movie Trivia Cards

Movie fans, its time to test your knowledge! Put down that remote, Netflix can wait. This Movie Trivia Cards game is rammed full of tricky questions only a true movie fan would know and is a fun way to pit your film buffness against your pals and family members.

90s Bingo: A Throwback to the Raddest Decade Ever

As if a good old game of bingo wasn’t super-fun enough, get stuck into this MEGA-fun 90s Bingo (throwback to the raddest decade ever) version. Any millennial, 90s kid is going to absolutely love this! I mean, what would life be like today if we hadn’t had Friends or Seinfeld?

With all these and plenty more to keep you busy, check out our collection or board games and make sure you’re fully geared up to make the most of your big night in. Let’s wave 2020 well and truly goodbye in style!