Become the King Of Comfort With Our Top Mens Pyjamas

Quickly becoming THE must-have look and style of 2021 (after an already hot year in 2020), everyone is reaching for a fresh new set of Pyjamas to take their time at home and comfort all-new levels of cool!

It’s true, we’re all basically living in our loungewear right now (well… apart from the odd video meeting!) and with our ever-growing collection of Men’s Pyjamas, there’s never been a better time to pick up your new favourite set to not only become the lord of loungewear but the king of comfort too!

Check out some of our personal faves and top-selling designs to help you relax in style and add some must-needed fun into your day.

Men's Mr Potatohead Couch Potato Pyjamas

Chilling out and watching Toy Story… bliss! Well… only improved by a cuppa and rocking these totally a-peeling Mr Potatohead Couch Potato Pyjamas of course!

Men's Skeletor Masters of The Universe Pyjamas

Talk about chilling like a villain! Pay tribute to the dark side of 80s cartoons with this wicked pair of Skeletor Masters of The Universe Pyjamas and you’ll never be accused of looking like a furry, flea-bitten fool.

Men's The Simpsons Homer Mohawk Pyjamas

Who better to channel in these times than your inner Homer Simpson?! If anyone knows how to kick back and just go with it, drinking beers in a kids pool optional. Looks the part too with our The Simpsons Homer Mohawk Pyjamas.

Men's White The Mandalorian Pyjamas

We might not be tired from any great adventures right now, but watching some epic action and adventure is still enough cause for a lie-down, right? Show some love for the latest Star Wars legend with our White The Mandalorian Pyjamas!

Men's Jurassic Park Pyjamas

You ever wonder how a T-Rex can brush their teeth in the morning? Yeah no… us neither… Show some love for the ultimate 90s dino adventure with this ROAR-some Jurassic Park Pyjamas.

Men's Navy The Muppets Animal Pyjamas

Feel like a bit of a wild animal before your morning cuppa? We hear you! Let your pjs do the talking with a little help from our totally wild The Muppets Animal Pyjamas.

Men's Jaws Pyjamas

All you classic movie lovers will just have to sink their teeth into our Jaw-some Jaws Pyjamas! A reminder than sometimes a day on the sofa can be better than a day at the beach… if it’s on Amity Island anyways!

For all these loungewear treats and our complete range of pyjamas for men, head over to our site and grab your new favourite pair!