Warning! Nostalgia-gasm inside…

Yup we’re taking you back, waaaaay back with these old school beauties inspired by some of our favourite 80s toys which you’d probably forgotten even existed right?

Say thanks for the memories with our exclusive tribute tees and prepare from shouts of ‘OMG I remember that’ from all who see them!

Snugglebumms Coral T-Shirt

Lovable, huggable little people, Snugglebums were a huge hit in the 80s. These sweet little chums giggled when they were wiggled (top vintage technology), had long soft hair with a brush so you could keep their mane in tip-top condition and even lit up at night time. Pay tribute to these wonderous beasts with our Snugglebums t-shirt inspired by the friendly toys (book, hair-brush and batteries not included).

Sweet Secrets Light Blue T-Shirt

Is it jewellery, is it a cute little toy? It’s a secret kids love to keep. Fashioned to look like beautiful (ahem) jewellery to everyone else, Sweet Secrets opened up and turned into playmates when you were by yourself. If you were stylish enough to own this toy back in the day, you will definitely appreciate the retro coolness of this fabulous Sweet Secrets TShirt.

Poochie Ecru T-Shirt

Here’s Poochie!
‘Your ears are pink and your paws are too, look at all the things she’s got for you’. Lovely little Poochie. This gal was the biz in the 80s, not only was she an awesome plush toy, she also branched out into stationery and all kinds of merch. Poochie is here, back once again and starring on this awesome Poochie T-Shirt. With hearts in her eyes and around her neck, who could resist such a cutie.

Keypers Orchid T-Shirt

Keypers, Keypers, what’s inside those Keypers…
Fun friends with a secret hiding place, Keypers were top of the toy wishlist when they were released in 1986. Show some love for this total classic with our new Keypers Orchid T-Shirt!
Keyers, Keypers, keeps it safe inside…

Moon Dreamers Light Pink T-Shirt

Who remembers these mystical beauties?
We loved our Moon Dreamers dolls and the charming TV series. The Moondreamers were a group of celestial people who created and delivered lovely dreams to Earth children. Add some vintage style to your day with our Moon Dreamers Pink T-Shirt.

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