Purrrfect New Garfield Goodies For Your Monday Mood!

Love lasagne and can’t stand Mondays? Sounds like our new and exclusive new collection of Garfield TShirts, Mugs, Artwork and more are your perfect match!

We love to let the t-shirt do the talking and who better to reveal our inner moods than our feline hero Garfield?

We’re so excited to have all these amazing and totally exclusive designs available on our site! Check out some of our faves from this new collection that are sure to have your pawing at your screen!

Garfield Not A Morning Person Mug

Have a tendency to hit the snooze button one too many times, maybe skip breakfast and enjoy the odd late-night booze or gaming session? This hilarious Garfield Not A Morning Person Mug could help make you smile and remedy the morning grump in you when you neck that first coffee of the day.

Women's Garfield Have A Nice Day Grey Marl Fitted T-Shirt

Maybe it’s a Monday, maybe there’s no lasagne left or maybe his pizza has anchovies on it as Garfield is looking pretty grumpy on this funny Garfield Have A Nice Day Grey Marl Fitted T-Shirt. Paw-fectly sarcastic!

Garfield Lasagne Tote Bag

Foodie feline Garfield has a penchant for lasagne, and this fab Garfield Lasagne Tote Bag featuring him diving right into his favourite dish makes the perfect tribute to the Pasta loving puss.

Garfield I Hate Mondays 11

A total classic of a Garfield quote – “I hate Monday’s”.
For many, dragging yourself out of bed for the start of the weekly slog sometimes feels like a bit too much to bear. This retro-style Garfield I Hate Mondays 11″ x 14″ Art Print pretty much sums up a regular Monday morning vibe.

Garfield Love Heart Enamel Mug

We’ve got major heart eyes for our retro-inspired Garfield Love Heart Enamel Mug. 😻 Adorned with an archive print of everyone’s favourite tabby cat, we bet you’ll love it even more than Garfield loves lasagne!

Still on the hunt for even more ace Garfield goodies? Head over to our site to take a look at our complete collection of Garfield Clothing, mugs and more!