Celebrating National Tea Day With A Cup Of Old School Cool!

Just like most of you out there reading this, here at TruffleShuffle we basically run on tea!
Waking up with some brekkie… tea, catching up over a video call… tea, just finished writing a blog post… celebrate with a tea of course!

We know that just giving our favourite warming brew one special day will never be enough, but we’re sure doing our bit today to help celebrate nation tea day in style by picking out some of our favourite novelty mugs.

Packed with heaps of totally cool and funny mugs featuring some of the most iconic cartoons, movies, TV shows and more, check out our top picks that are sure to take any tea round to whole new levels of cool!

Labyrinth Worm Cup Of Tea Boxed Mug

Ello! Sit down and enjoy a cuppa with the most hospitable worm we’ve ever known. Our exclusive Labyrinth Worm Cup Of Tea Mug is a dream find for all you Labyrinth fans out there.

Rugrats Gang Mug

Raise a glass… ermm mug even to THE cartoon of the 90s with our exclusive Rugrats mug featuring Chuckie, Tommy and the gang. Talk about squad goals!

She-Ra Princess Of Power Mug

Surely one of the original boss ladies out there, who better to sip down a magical cuppa with than the Princess of Power herself? Get your hands on our exclusive She-Ra mug and become a little more of a hero every day.

Mean Girls Cool Mom Mug

You’re pretty down with the kids, right? You totally need to so fetch Mean Girls Mug featuring the awesome quote from our hero, Mrs George!

Rainbow Brite And Sprites Red Handle Mug

We don’t know about you, but that first cuppa in the morning sure feels like it’s made from 100% rainbow magic! Add some colour to the start of your day AND show some love for this true retro classic with our exclusive Rainbow Brite mug!

Garfield Not A Morning Person Mug

We totally get it, Garfield. Is Garfield your spirit animal? We know the feeling all too well. Reveal your morning vibes in style with a hot brew in our Garfield Not A Morning Person Mug.

Okay, so we really could go on and on thanks to our ever-growing range of cool mugs on the site, but we’ll let you discover the rest so you can pick our your very favourite and celebrate tea day, every day!

Head over to TruffleShuffle.com for our complete collection including heaps of designs not available from anyone else.