Celebrating World Earth Day, TruffleShuffle Style!

Have we really done a whole lap of the Sun already? Time flies when you’re busy spinning around space huh.

We’re once again celebrating World Earth Day with an update on our continuing efforts to support our lovely little planet. Some you may have already spotted some things we’re doing in the background. Let’s go!

Reducing Waste

One of the simplest ways to reduce waste is to only create what you really need. As a small independent business, we’re able to do this by only ordering the number of garments we really need. Because we design our creations in Bristol and they’re printed down the road in Plymouth, we can quickly react to demand and only order what we need and only repeat on popular designs.

Reuse all the things!

Have you spotted some odd materials in a box from us? Well, this (probably) isn’t a mistake! Rather than throwing away used materials such as the paper backing our labels come on or the packing we get from suppliers, we will re-use this when packaging up our customer orders. Along with our eco-friendly bubble wrap, this helps to protect your order on the journey to its new home.

Here at TruffleShuffle, we don’t believe in ‘throwaway fashion’. Our wonderful team of buyers and designers work so hard to bring you T-Shirts you will want to wear again and again for many years. Just like some of these recent snaps of some of our classic designs!

veritybailes Labyrinth TShirt
veritybailes in our exclusive Labyrinth TShirt
hannahandhertees My Little Pony TShirt
hannahandhertees in our exclusive My Little Pony TShirt


Every single bit of cardboard that our products arrive to us in is collected for recycling. Despite being extra busy through 2020, we sent no more general waste than the year before and only 10% of everything we can’t reuse doesn’t get professionally recycled.

We are constantly reviewing what goes in our recycling and general waste bins as we see these as the very last endpoint.

Buying Better

We recently launched a Buying Better collection to help showcase the amazing ethically and sustainably created products we’re proud to offer.
We’re working hard with our suppliers to bring you more of our designs on sustainably sourced, organic and fairly traded clothing like our exclusive organic TShirts, 100% recycled T-Shirts, biodegradable travel mugs and eco-friendly BDP (break down plastic) accessories and gifts.

Miffy Japanese Print Pink And Red Organic Ringer T-Shirt


Over the last year, we’ve been busy converting our lights both in the warehouse and office space to PIR or LED. Now, only around 5% of all lighting is not one of these but they will be soon.
We’re always reviewing our energy supply also to ensure our energy is as green and renewable as possible.


One of the biggest changes people can make to cut down their emissions is transport. We encourage all our commuters to travel by pedal power when possible, with many of our team regularly cycling into work. We have a bike shelter with bike locks for dry and secure storage as well as a company folding e-bike to allow people to get home or pick up lunch!

For over a year now as a result of COVID-19, nearly all TruffleShuffle office staff have been working from home, completely eliminating their commutes and time spent on the roads. From our essential warehouse team, more than half travel to work via public transport or bike, further cutting down any impact.

Of course, we are always open to new ideas and appreciate we still have lots of work to do to improve our sustainable practices and product offering. It is a top aim for us to do as much as we can to help make the world a better place.

Earth Day is every day for us and we have the drive for positive action for our planet, so if you have any ideas on how we can be better please do let us know! We’re all in this together.

Any feedback or feel there is something we can do better? Let us know over live chat or email on help@truffleshuffle.co.uk. Thanks!