Our Latest Lilo & Stitch Merchandise Making A Splash!

Aloha Stitch fans! What better way to glide into Spring/Summer than with a taste of Disney paradise thanks to our ever-growing collection of Lilo & Stitch Merchandise!

We’re so excited to bring you stunning new goodies to our range of Disney clothes and Disney gifts including some all-new Disney Loungefly bags and more!

Making a splash into our site, we’ve picked out some of our latest Stitch goodies that we know will have all you fans of this noughties classic riding high. Tape a peep!

Loungefly Disney Lilo And Stitch Luau Cosplay Mini Backpack

Say ALOHA to your new favourite Stitch Loungefly backpack! We love the bright details of this true gem with Stitch in full Luau mode, complete with a grass hula skirt and lei. That’s before we’ve even mentioned the adorable 3D ears!

Disney Lilo and Stitch Cushion

Making all our Disney dreams come true, we’re so excited we finally get to squish our very own Stitch thanks to this super soft Lilo and Stitch Cushion. the perfect Lilo & Stitch gift for the fan in your life.

Disney Stitch Stay Weird Sleeve Print Sweater

We are totally on board with the ‘Stay Weird’ ethos so will proudly be wearing this magnificent Lilo and Stitch sweater!  Packed with charm thanks to the sleeve print and amazing colour. A Disneyland outfit essential!

Loungefly Disney Lilo And Stitch Luau Cosplay Crossbody Bag

Perfect for fans of Disney’s feel-good noughties film! Pack your bag and embark on an otherworldly adventure with the best sidekick there is courtesy of this adorable Stitch crossbody bag.

Women's Lilo And Stitch Busy Doing Nothing Disney Pyjamas

Blast off to a tropical island of your dreams every time you hit the pillow in our adorable Stitch Pyjamas. Who better to snuggle up with for the next dreamy adventure thank these official Stitch Pjs.

Large Disney Lilo and Stitch Ohana Glass

Featuring the adorable pair having a jam on a tropical Hawaiian design, raise a toast to ‘Ohana’ with this delightful Lilo and Stitch glass.

Loungefly Disney Lilo And Stitch Stitch In Space All Over Print Mini Backpack

Adorned with an all-over print of Disney’s mischievous creature from outer space, we’re over the moon to get our hands on this amazing Stitch in Space backpack from Loungefly.

Let our two worlds collide and head over to TruffleShuffle.co.uk to shop our complete collection of Lilo and Stitch merchandise including heaps more bags, clothing, gifts and accessories. Sure to be an adventure!