The Last Ever Friends Episode Aired 17 Years Ago Today!

We can still feel the lump in the throats and the tears forming now… and in fact, we still DO feel it each time we reach the final episode in the final season of Friends, The Last One.
Airing on the 6th of May 2004, the very final moments of Friends and the end of the show was 17 years ago TODAY!

This isn’t a sad post though, this is a total celebration of not only how amazing the show was back then, but just how amazing it STILL is so many years on and how it’s getting more love than ever.

Just like so many out there, we’re still hooked on the ups and downs of their New York lives which always inspired us to offer you the best range of Friends merchandise we can… just so we can get our hands on them too!

No doubt, you’re still working your way through the series for the 100th time, so why not really complete the scene with some of our best and favourite Friends gifts and more. Check out some of our top picks from this true telly icon.

Women's Marl Grey Friends You're My Lobster Pyjamas

One thing is for sure, all you Friends fans out there will find a perfect partner for life in the shape of these Friends You’re My Lobster Pyjamas. A classic line from this totally iconic show.

Friends Peephole Photo Frame

If you could pick out just one thing to keep and treasure forever from Monica’s apartment, surely it would have to be the iconic Friends Peephole Photo Frame! Make that dream a reality with this amazing frame that can be yours forever.

Friends Central Perk Rice Husk Eco Travel Mug

Okay, should we get some coffee? Sure, where? You’ll always have time for a hot cuppa with this totally stylish and oh-so eco Central Perk Rice Husk Eco Travel Mug in your collection.

Women's I'd Rather Be Watching Friends Pyjamas

Those long weekend Friends binges are only truly complete with these I’d Rather Be Watching Friends Pyjamas.

Friends Central Perk Neon Wall Light

Well… we can’t take you to the actual coffee house (sob!) but this Friends Central Perk Neon Wall Light is definitely the next best thing!

Friends You're My Lobster Oven Mitt

Keep your pincers protected with these totally fun Friends You’re My Lobster Oven Mitt. Great gift for the master chef in your tribe.

Do you remember watching the last ever episode live? Let us know if so!

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