80s Cult Classic Labyrinth Turns 35!

Labyrinth, the iconic ’80s film starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, turns 35 TODAY and we’re bringing the gift of new official Labyrinth merch to celebrate!


First released on 27th June 1986 (into the US), Labyrinth was a lesson in being careful what you wish for but if (like us,) you’ve been wishing for a new Labyrinth T-Shirt for like FOREVER, just look what we’ve ‘done for you.’

Designed in collaboration with the legends at The Jim Henson Company and exclusively available at TruffleShuffle, our new tees make the perfect tribute to this 80’s classic.

Whether you’re on an epic adventure or just re-watching this total classic on the sofa, do it in total comfort and style in these stunning Labyrinth socks!

It’s not just for big kids though! Get your little ones sharing their love for this true 80s gem with our mini-me twinning range!

Embodying the essence of this weird and wonderful Jim Henson creation, our Labyrinth Black T-Shirt is all a fan could want?! @chelseajadeloves

Featuring Jareth the Goblin King, Sarah, the Worm, Ludo, Sir Didymus and his trusty side-kick Ambrosius, this Labyrinth Black And White Compilation T-Shirt is a true vintage find! @justdoingjadexox

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