Loki Hits Disney+ Today!

He’s finally here! The God of Mischief himself has arrived and will be beaming onto our screens in his very own and long-awaited TV show on Disney+ from today!

Starring the fantastic Tom Hiddleston, who already has six movie appearances as Loki under his belt, this epic new adventure made up for a six-episode first season will follow Loki as he attempts to work with the TVW (Time Variance Authority) who plan for ‘delete’ him from time after messing with the Sacred Timeline.
Whether Loki can stay true to his word, help them out and save his skin, we’ll just have to find out!

Available on Disney+ from Wednesday 9th June and with new episodes out each week on Wednesdays, we know exactly where we’re going to be for the next few weeks on that night!

With all this buzz and another amazing release into the Marvel Universe, we couldn’t resist getting our hands on some tricky ‘wicked’ Loki TShirts, gifts and more! Check out some of our top picks…

Check out some of our top picks from our collection of Loki merchandise

Black Marvel Comics Loki Logo T-Shirt

That wise-cracking Marvel Comics villain is back! Show some love for Loki, top sorcerer of Asgard, in this awesome Loki TShirt featuring the new Disney+ series logo. It’s magic.

arvel Comics What Makes a Loki Green Handle Mug

Hmmm, we are so very intrigued about what revelations the new Disney+ Loki series is going to bring to the surface. Can there be more than one Loki? Who are the TVA (The Variance Authority)? What is the significance of the timeline? Oooh, we literally cannot wait but in the meantime, this awesome Loki series mug will keep us sweet.

Black Marvel Comics Loki Badge Wallet from Difuzed

Start spending like a villain with this awesome Marvel Comics Loki wallet. Featuring the former Prince of Asguard’s horns and series logo, flashing the cash will feel a lot more fun with this wicked accessory.

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