Summer Essentials! Our Latest Sunglasses To Complete Your Style

Talk about super shades! We’re SO ready for some sunny days ahead thanks to our latest collection of retro sunglasses.Featuring some total retro icons such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and more, we know these little gems will make for the ideal finishing touch to your day out and are sure to catch plenty of eyes while protecting yours.

With added retro pop-culture style, these fun new Way Farer style sunglasses from our friends at Numskull as sure to be your new summer must-have! Check them out…

Jurassic Park Sunglasses

What have we here? *Pauses… slowly pulls away glasses for dramatic effect…* Yes these Jurassic Park Sunglasses really are that cool and are throwing us some serious retro 90s vibes.

Jaws Sunglasses

Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or hanging out with your buds comparing scars, these totally jaws-ome Jaws Sunglasses based on the iconic movie are going to be the perfect pair to snap up!

White Ghostbusters Sunglasses

Packed with so much retro charm it’s just spooky, we know these ultra-cool new Ghostbusters Sunglasses are to catch as much attention from fellow fans as they are spirits!

Back To The Future Hoverboard Sunglasses

Oh… we’re totally ready for these Back To The Future Hoverboard Sunglasses! Inspired by the iconic hoverboard Marty uses, these shares are dripping with 80s vibes and are packed with as much style as they are nostalgia.

Still looking for your perfect pair? Fear not, we have heaps more sunglasses available on the site right now so slide on over and grab your new summer must-have.