That’s What Tee Said: New The Office T-Shirts At TruffleShuffle!

Everybody Stay Calm!

We’re about as excited as Stanley on Pretzel day with the release of some totally amazing The Office T-Shirts onto the site!

If you got hooked on the totally binge-worthy comedy series The Office, you might just be afraid of how much you love this new collection of T-Shirts!

Running for an amazing nine seasons from 2005 to 2012, the hit US version of The Office not only gave us 201 episodes but a countless amount of classic moments and plenty of feels along the way.

Celebrating this true telly classic that still has fans gripped today, we couldn’t resist getting our hands on some amazing office tees featuring some iconic moments that will make you shout… I LOVE IT!

Black The Office Dundler Miffin Inc Paper Company Logo T-Shirt

We are appreciating the ironic corporate team day out vibes of this classic Dunder Mifflin Inc Paper Company T-Shirt. Sure to have you humming… “Dunder Mifflin. The people person’s paper people.”

White The Office Dwight T-Shirt

“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!”

If he’s not being a volunteer Sheriff’s Deputy, practising Karate, running the farm or living his best life twice on Second Life, he’s breaking sales records and beating the computer! The ultimate nightmare to work with, we wouldn’t have him any other way and are showing our love with this classic The Office Dwight T-Shirt.

Black The Office Michael Scott Safety Training T-Shirt

Hey guys, listen up. Michael is up on the roof and acting strange…
Woah, what’s the situation?!

Teaching us exactly how NOT to boss since 2005, Michael Scott’s unique managing style was once again hilariously demonstrated in the ‘Safety Training’ episode. This brilliant The Office Michael Scott Safety Training T-Shirt features the awkward scene where Michael heads up onto the roof as part of an odd role-play with Dwight and we are totally loving it.

White The Office Michael Scott Paper Company Inc T-Shirt

‘It’s Britney bitch. And I am back, in the form of a new company, the Michael Scott Paper Company.’
Move over Dunder Mifflin, it’s 2009 and there’s a new paper company in town. This fun US Office tee features a Micahel Scott Paper Company corporate logo design, referencing the episode of the same title. Another classic episode, this one follows Michael Scott heading up his now, brand new paper firm, obviously hilarity resumes.

Fellow Office fans, don’t delay on these as we’re sure designs this cool won’t sit ‘stationery’ for long!

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