Calling All You 90’s (Dumb) Babies…

One for all you Nick kids! Thirty years ago today, the greatest channel of your childhood premiered some of the best cartoons ever with the very first episodes of Doug, Rugrats, and The Ren & Stimpy Show! Yes… we feel old now too.

Celebrating the outrageous orange splat of shows that helped to totally define your childhood,  we’re showcasing some of our exclusive cool t-shirts featuring these total 90s icons as well as some all-new designs for Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy!

Grab a bowl of cereal, grab a space on the sofa and tune in to some of these total classics with our exclusive Nickelodeon TShirts!

Rugrats Chuckie We're Doomed Ecru T-Shirt

Capturing our pal Chuckie’s apprehension perfectly, we love the memories that come flooding back from seeing (and wearing!) our exclusive Rugrats Chuckie We’re Doomed T-Shirt!

Men's Nickelodeon Doug Light Blue T-Shirt

Featuring the one and only Doug Yancey Funnie (AKA Patti Mayonnaise admirer or Hamburger Boy) and his pet dog Porkchop, this Doug T-Shirt is the perfect choice for any fan of the classic 90s Nick cartoon.

Rugrats Reptar Cereal Black T-Shirt

Reptar! The cereal that sparked so much imagination, we love the ‘if you know, you know’ reference from the iconic Nick cartoon that only fellow fans will get too. Get your claws on this Reptar Cereal T-Shirt and celebrate this total cartoon classic.

Ren And Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy Grey Marl T-Shirt

Bring some Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy to your collection with our exclusive Ren and Stimpy T-Shirt. Relive the glory days of 90s Nick with our old school design which features Ren Höek, Stimpy, Powdered Toast Man, Mr Horse and Shaven Yak alongside the lyrics of one of the show’s most famous hits. You’d be an Eediot to miss it.

What better way to show your love for the total classics 30 years on (we’ll stop saying it now and we’ll all just feel far too old) than with some of our very own, exclusive Nickelodeon T-Shirts!