Taking It Back To The 90s With Our Latest T-Shirts From Daisy Street!

We are super-giddy about the arrival of UK brand Daisy Street at TruffleShuffle.
Daisy Street is all about that cute ‘n casual look. Comfy, baggy tees with playful, fun or down-right edgy prints are their raison d’être and we are all for it.

This first collection features all your childhood faves; Care Bears, Disney, Bratz and Groovy Chick along with a dash of 90s movie nostalgia with Legally Blonde and rock chick vibes in the form of a groovy Deep Purple tee. Bring it on!

White Groovy Chick Front and Back Print T-Shirt from Daisy Street

Anyone else totally noughties obsessed?! Along with our Beanie Babies, Tamagotchi and dream catcher, we’ll be living our best noughties life with this super-fun Groovy Chick TShirt. Just add a pair of flares (maybe…) and you’re good to go!

White Bratz Group Oversized T-Shirt from Daisy Street

Show some love for the girls with a passion for fashion in this awesome, baggy Bratz T-Shirt from Daisy Street. Sporting some seriously rad streetwear vibes, these gals were the top choice of doll for all the cool kids.

Women's White Care Bears Oversized T-Shirt Dress from Daisy Street

Aw, those glorious, cuddly bears, we just can’t get enough! The perfect choice for sunny days, this sweeter than candy Care Bears t-shirt dress from Daisy Street features a gang of playful Care Bears having fun in the sun, among the stars, rainbows and clouds. Well, it’s Care-A-Lot, anything can happen.

White Legally Blonde Bend and Snap T_Shirt from Daisy Street

Oh my god, the bend and snap… works every time!
Pull out your best bend and snaps in this totally fabulous Legally Blonde T-Shirt from Daisy Street. Referencing the classic scene in the movie where Elle teaches Paulette her failsafe trick to grab attention in an instant, this super-fun tee features Paula looking a little bewildered. We love how it turns into a full-on impromptu dance sequence, with the whole salon joining in. Good snap!

Black Disney Ursula T-Shirt with Back Print from Daisy Street

We all know that the Sea Witch Ursula can put on quite a show. This wicked Disney Little Mermaid T-Shirt from Daisy Street features the villainous Cecaelia (that’s a half-woman, half-octopus) giving it some full-on drama on a fierce, Fashion Week Tour design with back print. It’s devilishly delightful to the extreme.
Could this be underwater love? Well, it definitely tentacles our fancy anyway…

With SO many retro vibes coming from these new designs, we can’t wait for you to discover them too.
Shop our entire range from Daisy Street now and stay tuned for coming exciting new designs coming soon!