Next Stop, Springfield! Cakeworthy X The Simpsons Now At TruffleShuffle…

Whether you’re riding the monorail, grabbing a Ribwich from Krusty Burger or checking out the hammock complex on third, do it in total style with the amazing Cakeworthy x The Simpsons collection that’s just hit TruffleShuffle!

Packed with style, character and a whole lot of nostalgia, this stunning new collection featuring T-Shirts, sweaters, jackets, pyjamas, shirts, dresses, tote bags and more is truly something special and we’re so excited to share it with you.

Check out some of our top picks from these amazing new additions to our Simpsons merchandise below…

The Simpsons Windbreaker Jacket

Get ready for anything AND pay homage to your favourite toon family with this rad windbreaker style Simpsons jacket from Cakeworthy. As awesome as it is practical, we love the colour and epic back print on this beauty!

The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror All Over Print T-Shirt from Cakeworthy

We love this Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror All Over Print T-Shirt so much, it’s spooky! You’ll love spotting your favourite Halloween special characters on this ace design from these iconic spooky episodes!

Bart Simpson Flannel Shirt from Cakeworthy

Celebrating Bart’s most famous line, this Simpsons Cakeworthy flannel shirt is the perfect celebration of the show’s legendary 30+ year run. Packed with details you’ll love to discover.

The Simpsons Do It For Her Tie Dye T-Shirt

Full of all the feels, this adorable Simpsons Do It For Her Tie Dye T-Shirt from Cakeworthy is based on one of the most touching moments from this iconic show. Fans who know will know.

Women's The Simpsons Dress from Cakeworthy

What better way to add a heap of Simpsons love to your day than with this totally eye-catching Simpsons Dress from Cakeworthy that fellow fans will just love too.

The Simpsons Krusty Burger Uniform Button Up Shirt from Cakeworthy

Hey, hey! You know you’re in Springfield if you can see a Krusty Burger! Grab yourself a taste of the Springfield life with this ace Krusty Burger Uniform Button Up Shirt from Cakeworthy featuring a backprint of your favourite clown.

The Simpsons Retro Photo Crewneck Sweater from Cakeworthy

Why you little…! Bart always knows how to press Homers buttons and this totally ace Simpsons sweater is surely getting us worked up!

The Simpsons Itchy And Scratchy Pyjama Set from Cakeworthy

Always able to find new and creative ways to really hate on each other, you can’t help but love the toon within the toon featuring this iconic duo! Grab a big of the action with this oh-so cosy Simpsons Itchy And Scratchy Pyjama Set!

The Simpsons Flanders the Devil Raglan Long Sleeve T-Shirt from Cakeworthy

Ready to wreak hi-diddly-heck on your wardrobe, we know fans of the iconic Treehouse of horror episodes will love this devilishly cool Simpsons Flanders the Devil T-Shirt.

As you can probably tell, we’re de-diddly-lighted to have this incredible new collection on the site and there are still plenty more from this range to be discovered!
Head on over to our range of Simpsons merch and take a peep at this complete launch and all our other designs too!