Looking Borg-eous! Exclusive New Teddy Borg Hoodies Now In

Oh yes… the snuggle is real with our latest additions to our ever-growing collection of goodies!

Some days you just need a cuddle from something warm and cosy, right? When that time arrives, could there be anything better than these new and exclusive teddy borg hoodies?!

Sure to keep you happy and snuggly all day long, these stunning new creations will not only keep you toast with their thick borg fleece, with their warm glow of nostalgia as they feature some of the best-loved retro faves!

Rainbow Brite Teddy Borg Hoodie

Don’t just brave the cold, take it on in total style with our Rainbow Brite Teddy Borg Hoodie featuring stunning embroidered details and an oversized front pocket. We’ve gone all out with these!

Rainbow Brite Teddy Borg Hoodie

With its amazing back print too, you’ll be sharing the love for this true retro classic wherever you are. One not to be missed!

Care Bears Teddy Borg Hoodie

Getting the same love too, we hopped over to Care-a-Lot to bring you this ultra-soft Care Bears Teddy Borg Hoodie, also featuring amazing embroidered design and hood.

To shop these exciting new creations and our complete range of retro hoodies, head on over to TruffleShuffle.co.uk and pick up your perfect new winter warmer!