Enter The Upside Down With Our Latest Stranger Things Merchandise!

Can you feel it yet? The excitement levels are really starting to build with the date now set for the start of Stranger Things season 4 (starting May 27th on Netflix… don’t forget) and we couldn’t help but bring you even more amazing Stranger Things Merchandise to get you totally ready.

Just like all you fellow fans out there, we’re itching to get stuck back into the action to join Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin, Steve and the gang in an all-new adventure in Hawkins, Indiana.

Picking apart every single detail in the official teasers for any clues of some of our biggest questions (like, is Jopper actually still alive somewhere?), we’re soothing our anticipation with some of our latest and incredible Stranger Things merch that’s just hit the site!

Not only do we have some amazing Stranger Things T-Shirts (of course!), but we’re turning your world upside down with our official accessories including bags, cushions, wallets, bottles, plushes and more!

Check out some of our top picks from this new collection…

Stranger Things Demogorgon Plush Toy

Who would have thought that a pesky Demogorgon could be so cute? A perfect watching buddy for the new season (or re-watching the classic episodes!) snuggle up with your very own Stranger Things Demogorgon Plush Toy.

Stranger Things Retro Border Black T-Shirt

Do designs get more 80s than this? Packing all the retro-cool 80s style, grab a slice of the nostalgic cool with this fan-favourite VHS-inspired Stranger Things T-Shirt.

Stranger Things Bikes Cushion with LEDs

Not only is this Stranger Things Bikes Cushion with LEDs a total find, but it’s also ideal for hiding behind when things get wild with Eleven and co! A perfect cosy addition to your night in scene.

Stranger Things Milk Carton Crossbody Bag with Straps

Oh Barb, gone too soon but never forgotten. Teaching us that being a goodie-goodie isn’t always the best option (…that’s right, isn’t it?), keep the memory of Barb alive with this neat Stranger Things Milk Carton Crossbody Bag.

Stranger Things Soup and Snack Mug

Craving more than just answers to some of your biggest questions after season 3? Tuck into a real treat with this Stranger Things Soup and Snack Mug. Great for keeping things hot and fresh while your tuck into another episode.

Stranger Things 3pk Socks

Putting your feel up to watch the latest Stranger Things doesn’t need to just feel great, it can look awesome too with these Stranger Things socks in your collection! The question is, which will you wear first?

Stranger Things Hawkins Police Dept. Navy T-Shirt with Back Print

Join the ranks of Hopper and his crew with this Stranger Things Hawkins Police Dept. T-Shirt. A great subtle nod to this modern classic show!

That’s probably everything, right? Not even close! Grab your choppers and ride on over to TruffleShuffle.com to check out our complete collection of Stranger Things clothing and gifts. Over and out!