Flex Like A T-Rex In Our Latest Jurassic Park Clothing

It’s pretty amazing to think that we were first thrown into the truly wild and unpredictable world on Isla Nublar way back in 1993!

It’s safe to say that since our very first glimpses into the world of Jurassic Park and of course… first entering the iconic gates with Alan, Ellie, Ian and co, we’ve been totally hooked.
Still such a huge part of our lives so many years on with all-new stories, characters and of course… dinosaurs, we’re always looking for more ways to bring the action into our lives with awesome Jurassic Park T-Shirts and merchandise!

Doing just this as we’re just about to dive back into the story once more with Jurassic World Dominion where we will be reunited with the original cast once more, we’re so excited to bring you our latest Jurassic Park clothing and accessories that we know all you fans our there will be clawing to get! Let’s take a look…

Jurassic World Life Finds a Way White Tour T-Shirt

You don’t need to be a clever girl (or guy!) to see just how epic this new Jurassic World Life Finds a Way T-Shirt is, right? Featuring a skeleton of the pesky (but now lovable?) Velociraptor and the iconic quote ‘Life Finds a Way’, this is the perfect way to add some 90s charm to your day.

Jurassic World Isla Nublar 93 Tour Ecru Zip up Hoodie with Back Print

If there is one thing these iconic action movies have taught us… it’s always be prepared for anything! Making sure you’re doing just that, this cosy and totally cool Jurassic World Zip up Hoodie with Back Print will have you ready for your next adventure and looking awesome at the same time!

Jurassic Park Logo Tie Dye T-Shirt

Could a tee get any more 90s than our Jurassic Park Logo Tie Dye T-Shirt? If so, let us know! Add a whole heap of retro flavour to your style with this bright and bold 90s creation featuring the iconic Jurassic Park logo.

Jurassic World Life Finds A Way 93 Tour Black Zip up Hoodie with Back Print

“Oh this… yeh I got this on the island so yeh, it’s pretty cool…”. Okay, this might not be quite right just yet but this is exactly what will be running through our minds in this Jurassic World Life Finds A Way Zip up Hoodie with Back Print.

Jurassic World Logo Black Baseball Cap

If one thing’s for sure, if we ever did get the chance to visit the park and take the tour in Isla Nublar (and… maybe it’s probably for the best we didn’t), we would 100% be picking up this Jurassic World Baseball Cap to rock the whole day and for years after. If we got off the Island that is!

Men's Jurassic Park Dr Ian Malcolm Black T-Shirt

A truly great character in some of the truly greatest films ever made, what better way to show some love for this cool cat than with this TruffleShuffle exclusive Jurassic Park Dr Ian Malcolm Black T-Shirt.

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