Unearthing Our Latest Jurassic Park Backpacks & Bags From Loungefly! 🦴

Can you hear the persistent thud of something huge heading your way? Something that will raise your heartbeat with every moment, each snap of the branch as it grows nearer until you can almost reach out and touch it…

Well… ROAR… it’s here! Our totally awesome new Jurassic Park backpacks from Loungefly have officially landed onto TruffleShuffle with a swish of their tail and a snap of their jaws.

With three new breath-taking new designs for you to get your claws into, we’re so excited to bring these stunning new Loungefly bags to our ever-growing collection of official Jurassic Park merchandise… and in time for Jurassic World Dominion too! Let’s dive in.

Loungefly Jurassic Park Logo Mini Backpack

There’s no denying just how iconic the Jurassic Park logo is and we know all your movie fans will love sharing your love for these totally epic films with this stunning Loungefly Jurassic Park Backpack. Packed with applique, embroidered, debossed, and printed details, this amazing creation has plenty to discover.

Loungefly Jurassic Park Logo Crossbody Bag

Who said being prepared at the parks couldn’t be stylish? Add a whole heap of 90s love to your outfit and day with this all-new Loungefly Jurassic Park Crossbody Bag. Unline the T-Rex, it’s totally vegan too!

Loungefly Jurassic Park Logo Wallet

Who better to keep your cash and cards safe than the most iconic man-eater ever (even though they died out around 65 million years before the first humans but whatever). Add plenty of 90s nostalgia to your everyday with this true cult beauty Loungefly Jurassic Park Wallet. Great gift idea too!

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