10 TruffleShuffle Essentials You Need To Survive The Heatwave☀️

Here at Truffle Towers, things are really starting to heat up… and it’s not just all our latest amazing retro t-shirts and goodies too!

If you’re anything like us, you’re already missing the cool spring breeze to help you get through the day and are on the hunt for little things that might just make beating the heat a little easier. If so, we’ve got just the things for you!

Searching through our ever-growing collection of amazing gifts, accessories and cool clothing, we’ve picked out ten things we think are total game-changers to help get you through the heat in total style! Let’s go…

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Water Bottle

Don’t just drink… raise a toast to the mysterious (or not so) and of Hawkins with this rocking Stranger Things Hellfire Club water bottle. Ideal for trips out in the sunshine or keeping cool around the house… or at your next D&D night!

Masters Of The Universe Sunglasses

A perfect finishing touch to your style, add some old-school cool to your day with these awesome Masters Of The Universe sunglasses. Totally geeky, totally handy!

Back To The Future Cosplay Baseball Cap

Taking you way back, show some love for your favourite time-travelling teen with this legendary Back To The Future cosplay baseball cap. Styled just like the one Marty wore in 2015, fans will love the throwback of this nod to a classic.

Jurassic Park High Voltage Large Glass

When things are really starting to heat up… be that at home or on Isla Nublar, you’ve just got to stay hydrated and ready for anything so make so you do it in total style with this Jurassic Park glass. A total retro throwback.

Men's Top Gun Maverick T-Shirt

One thing’s for sure, it’s officially T-Shirt weather! With Maverick hitting the big screens once again with the all-new Top Gun 2, there’s never been a better time to show some love for this true 80s icon than with your very own Top Gun T-Shirt!

Care Bears Logo Blue Tote Bag

With all these handy accessories keeping you cool, you’re going to need something just as cool to take them with you in, right? Get your paws on this exclusive Care Bears tote bag featuring the vintage fan club artwork straight out of the 80s.

Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers Wallace Water Bottle

If there is anyone you’d need to have around to get you out of a sticky situation, surely it’s Wallace! Keep yourself topped up on something cool wherever you’re adventure takes you with this handy Wallace and Gromit water bottle.

Large Blue VW Camper Van Cooler Bag

On the subject of keeping cool… do things get any cooler than this? Not only will this VW Camper Van cool bag keep your tasty lunchtime treats perfect, but it will also do it with some serious vintage style too! A total find for all you VW fans out there.

Women's White You Remind Me Of The Babe Bowie Labyrinth Fitted Vest

Suns out, guns out, right? Haha well we know keeping cool is the total aim of the game and there is no beating benefits of an awesome vest… unless it’s one featuring the 80s cult classic Labyrinth that is!

Jaws Poster Swimsuit from Unique Vintage

If you’re lucky enough to be able to take a quick deep either in a pool or the sea (if you’re feeling brave after watching the film that is!), add a whole heap of vintage movie cool to your day with this fun Jaws swimsuit.

Just a few things to help keep you going during the warmer days that we know you can love all year round too.

Discover our complete collection of summer treats from water bottles, sunglasses, cool t-shirts and more over on TruffleShuffle.co.uk.