Turn Their World Upside Down With Our Best Ever Stranger Things Gifts

Still feeling the effects since Stranger Things season 4 picked us up and threw us right back into the weird and wonderful action in Hawkins? We sure are and we’re totally hooked once again!

We know we’re not alone here too with fans all over the world gripped once again with the action, the twists, the awesome moments and, of course, the music!

Left with a pretty big wait until we can dive right back in with Stranger Things season 5 (the final season!) that is set to be released in 2024, we’re finding ourselves endlessly reading fan theories, watching ‘things we missed videos’ and getting our hands on as much Stranger Things merchandise as possible! Naturally.

Stranger Things Gifts

With more and more amazing finds being added to the site all the time, we wanted to put together a few of our favourites in a handy gift guide to help anyone looking to treat the Stranger Things fan in their world to something special while they wait.

Get ready to send their world upside down with our very best Stranger Things gifts!

Stranger Things Demogorgon Plush Toy

So scary… but also cute? It’s weird but it totally works with this ‘cuddly’ Stranger Things Demogorgon Plush Toy. A perfect buddy to keep by their side when rewatching their favourite moments.

Stranger Things Inspired Characters Blanket

Turn their space into something that’s totally ‘them’ with this stunning Stranger Things blanket featuring the whole crew. Also works as an awesome wall hanging too.

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Fireball Him Mug

Become an honorary member of THE club to be in with this Hellfire Club mug. Because who wouldn’t want to start the day feeling like a rockstar of D&D?

Stranger Things VHS Logo Light

If they’re cool enough to remember the iconic VHS tapes, they’re going to love this throwback Stranger Things VHS Logo Light. Giving the perfect mood lighting for a cosy night in watching their favourite episodes.

Stranger Things 3pk Socks

Ideal for adding some subtle Stranger Things love to their day, let their feet do the talking with these soft Stranger Things socks. Three designs to totally geek up their collection!

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Water Bottle

After watching this hit show, we totally get how you never know what might happen and it’s always good to be prepared. Right? Make sure their ready for any adventure with this handy Hellfire Club water bottle.

Stranger Things Palace Arcade Colour Change Glass

Long nights in getting stuck into a board game can sure be thirsty work. Give them a glass of something they love, IN something they love with this old-school cool Stranger Things drinking glass.

Stranger Things Logo Light

Settle in for a night of great telly, great games or even a good old Dungeons and Dragons session with the red glow of this seriously cool Stranger Things logo light.

Stranger Things Enter The Upside Down Door Mat

Make sure their guests know they might be about to have some ‘most metal ever!’ moments when they come in with this epic Stranger Things doormat.

Make sure you treat the Stranger Things fan in your love to something they will totally love with all these fun gifts and even more including Stranger Things T-Shirts, mugs, and accessories on TruffleShuffle.co.uk!