Our Most Out Of This World Star Wars Gifts For 2022!

On the hunt for the coolest and downright geeky Star Wars gifts for the ultimate fan in your life? Look no further weiry traveller from distant lands, our ever-growing collection of official Star Wars merchandise is packed with ideal treats to make your gift game out of this world!

We know all well that finding the perfect gifts some a special someone can be a total bounty hunt and leave you feeling like you’ve been searching the entire galaxy, but fear not, we’ve used the force to pull together some of the most-loved and best Star Wars gift ideas including t-shirts, puzzles, bags, accessories and more.

From the might of Darth Vader, the coolness of The Mandalorian to the small, furry, mammaloid, biped Ewoks of Endor, check out our hot list of the perfect gifts for him and her below.

Star Wars Darth Vader Light With Sound

“No… I am your perfect gifting find” is totally what this awesome Darth Vader light would say if it could. Trust us. Setting the mood just right for a night in with their favourite Star Wars stories, characters and action, switch this on and enjoy the cool red glow and classic Vader sounds.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Helmet T-Shirt

The more they will look at this Mandalorian Bounty Hunter T-Shirt, the more details they will uncover and the more they will love it! A TruffleShuffle exclusive, this gem is a great way to add some Mando cool to their day and a unique find not available anywhere else.

Star Wars Death Star Two Sided 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Putting together a real master plan of evil must be pretty tricky, right? Well sure… but it is as tricky as completing this Star Wars Death Star puzzle? We’re not so sure. Put the Star Wars fan in your life to the test with this true challenge.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Shaped Mug

Travelling across the galaxy for a living must be thirsty work, right? Let them enjoy a well-earned break in style with this neat The Mandalorian helmet mug. A fun twist to their next tea break.

Star Wars Ewok Endor Park Ranger Khaki T-Shirt

You might not be able to fly them off to hang out with the Ewoks just yet (but one day!), so why not do the very next best thing and let them show off their ranger credentials with this fun Star Wars Ewok T-Shirt!

Star Wars Original Stormtrooper Glass Tumbler

Do they get much more menacing that those pesky Stormtroopers? Let them raise a glass to their favourite franchise with this stylish and totally geeky Stormtrooper glass tumbler. Ideal to gift with their favourite tipple for extra points!

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Metal Water Bottle

Add some extra sci-fi coolness to their everyday with this totally awesome Darth Vader Lightsaber water bottle! Ideal for at home, work or even on their next big adventure, any fan of the darker side of the force will love this epic Anakin Skywa-ter bottle.

Loungefly Star Wars Darth Vader I Am Your Father Mini Backpack

Surly the ultimate Star Wars accessory, add some top-ranking level cool to their day with one of these stunning Star Wars comic strip backpacks from Loungefly.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D Model Kit

Want to know how to make any Star Wars fan squeal with glee? Simple… give them the dream gift with this incredible Millennium Falcon 3D Model Kit! 216 pieces of pure, magical, geeky cool.

Star Wars Darth Vader Ankle Socks

We find their lack of awesome Star Wars Darth Vader socks disturbing… and so should you! Treat them to something all Star Wars fans will toe-tally love with these socks designed to look just like a pair Vader would rock. Do you think he would even have matching pants? We think so.

Star Wars Ewoks Protect Our Forests White T-Shirt

Surely something we can all get behind… and not just because we wouldn’t dare come up against those formidable Ewoks! Let them show some love for nature and Star Wars nerdiness with this classic Star Wars Ewoks T-Shirt.

Star Wars Yoda Welcome You Are Door Mat

We’re not sure this will unlock the path to immortality, but it will sure look great on the path to their front door! Let them share their passing for all things Jedi with this fun Star Wars Yoda doormat. If this doesn’t have them saying this in the classic Yoda voice, nothing will and why would you not want that in your life?

That must be it, right? Oh, not even close! If you’re still on the lookout for even more amazing Star Wars gifts for men and women, head over to TruffleShuffle.co.uk to discover our complete collection of Star Wars merch including mugs, clothing, bags, games and more.