Buyers Picks: Festivals

As the first stages of Spring, ‘spring’ into action and we are taken aback by the sight of blue skies and that warm tingly sensation provided by the lesser spotted sun, I get to thinking about what fun things the Summer has in store. First and foremost is festival planning! So this months look is a geared around preparing for festival season and TruffleShuffle certainly has a lot to offer in this department!

I can picture myself at Festival Number 6, enjoying wonderful music, poetry and culture, all in the wonderful surroundings of Portmerion, and there WILL be sun which means I need plenty of tshirts and some groovy sunnies at hand.

Here are my hot picks for girls …

And, for the boys…


Awesome Valentines Gifts For Girls!

Not all girls want cuddly toys carrying hearts, choccies and flowers and all the usual gifts pedaled to the max around Valentines Day. If your lady like cool, retro, funky stuff then you have come to the right place fo sho!

To make life even easier for you, we have selected the most lusted after, best-selling gifts from our site…

The TOP 3 Mugs

Most Lusted After Tees…

The Best-Selling Accessories


The Coolest Valentines Gifts For Guys!

We know it can be pretty tricky finding something AMAZING to buy for your chap on VALENTINES DAY, but don’t worry, we are here to help!

Check out what the boys are looking for and loving on our site RIGHT NOW, so your lover boy wont be disappointed this year and earn yourself some seriously cool partner credentials!


The most-wanted mugs…

The best-selling tees…

Most lusted after accessories…

The Jumpers of Christmas Past…

The world has literally gone crazy for kitsch, Cheesy Christmas Jumpers (or ugly jumpers as some people like to call them).

We have been hooked ever since Colin Firth fashioned a rather fetching Reindeer Jumper in Bridget Jones Diary, but it doesn’t end or even begin there. The cult of the Christmas Jumper has reigned for quite some time now. Ever since grannies decided to take up knitting needles, keeping themselves busy with increasingly intricate, vivid, sparkly and even 3D, festive woolen fantasies, people have been either proudly flaunting this festive fashion or begrudgingly obliged to wear it at family functions.

If it seems all too familiar, you will probably recognise the deliberate fashion faux-pas from some of your favourite movies and TV shows. Remember these?

Colin Firth - Bridget Jones Diary

Brian - Family Guy

The Grinch - How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Step Brothers

If you haven’t jumped on the festive jumper sleigh-wagon yet, what’s the hold up? As soon as you see our winter wonderland of offerings from Cheesy Christmas Jumpers and Crazy Granny Clothing (unisex – for both men and ladies) and pop them in the cart of retro awesomeness, the gift of Christmas Merriment will be yours forever!

We know YULE love it, but be quick as these are literally sledging it out of the warehouse as fast as Santa Claus can eat a mince pie…