Line Friends Are Here! New Clothing & Accessories

Serving up some steaming hot kawaii style, we’ve launched some super cute new Line Friends TShirts and gifts onto the site and boy is it some of the coolest stuff ever!

For those not in the know, Line Friends was created by South Korean designer Kang Byeong Mok (also known as ‘Mogi’) back in 2011.
Taking the Japanese Kawaii culture by storm, Line Friends quickly became some of the most-adored characters and they’ve sure got us hooked!

Featuring the best-loved faces, our cute new collection of Line Friends TShirts from Recovered and gifts and accessories are sure to grab plenty of attention from fellow fans.
Check out some of our new collection!

Line Friends Hello Off White Slub T-Shirt

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Calling All You Colour Kids! New Rainbow Brite Clothing Has Just Landed! 🌈

Exciting times here at Truffle Towers! We’ve been once again hard at work thinking up and creating some exclusive new Rainbow Brite clothing that will really tickle your retro taste buds and our latest creations are finally here!

Rainbow Brite Running

Launching back in 1983 by Hallmark cards, Rainbow Brite later hit our screens with its very own show in 1984 and we’ve been hooked ever since!
Spreading colour as far and wide as possible, Wisp, Twink and Starlite liberated the Colour Kids and captured our hearts, becoming one of our biggest loves growing up.

Never ones to let our passions for the past fade, we’ve been hard at work creating some truly vintage Rainbow Brite Tees, Sweaters and Hoodies that we’re sure will tick all the right boxes for fellow fans. Take a peep!

Rainbow Brite Never Grow Up Light Pink Fitted T-Shirt

Is there is one phrase we’re determined to live by, it’s this one! You’ll be knee-deep in nostalgia with one of our new Rainbow Brite Never Grow Up Light Pink Fitted T-Shirts in your collection.
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ThunderCats Hoo!! 35 Years of Thundercats

Calling all you 80s kids! Boy, do we have something cool for you to sink your claws into…

Today we’re celebrating a whopping 35 years since the retro classic ThunderCats first hit the screens! This is making you feel so young, right?

From the very moment you heard the tune or spotted the iconic intro, you knew things were going to get pretty wild as Cheetara, Lion-O, Panthro and the gang would once again take on the mighty Mumm-Ra.

On this day back in 1985, these totally iconic characters took to our screens and became one of THE telly highlights of our lives – also going on to inspire some of the very first tshirts sold here at TruffleShuffle.

Picking out a real treat for all you lifelong ThunderCats fans, we’ve taken a cool 35% (obviously) off our classic Thundercats Logo T-Shirt making it even more of a total bargain!

Thundercats T-Shirt – Now only £8.44

Thundercats Logo T-Shirt

What better way to re-live the total classic moments we grew up with than with this classic logo 100% cotton tshirt!

Valid for today only, head over to the site now and snap yours up and check out the rest of our ThunderCats clothing. See you there!

👻 Exclusive New Simpsons Halloween Clothing – So Cool, It’s Spooky! 🎃

Growing up, each year Halloween meant a few things….
Homemade costumes from bin bags with masks.
Plastic vampire teeth (we can still feel them now!)
Party games and spooky music. You know the ones.
Simpsons Halloween specials!!

If anyone has done the classic Halloween special better than the rest, it’s The Simpsons. Getting to run more wild than normal, these classics usually bring some of their best plots, moments and characters and are always something to look forward to.

Getting into the spooky spirit of the Halloween season, we have been busy creating some of our very own exclusive Simsons Halloween TShirts and… HERE THEY ARE!

Skeleton Simpsons Black Tie Dye T-Shirt

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Funko Pop! Figures Have Landed At TruffleShuffle!

Taking the site by storm, we’re sooo excited to finally reveal our totally epic, totally colourful and completely amazing new collection of Funko Pop! figures.

Since their first launch back in 2010, these amazing little Pop! figures have become so sought-after and come in an ever-growing range of characters and licences! If it’s cool, there’s a Funko Pop! for it!

Selecting the best of the best, we have hand-picked some of our very favourite available to create a super TruffleShuffle collection of our own which you can snap up too.
Take a look and see what we’ve managed to get our hands on…

Game of Thrones

Sniffing out the best from Westeros, these ace Game of Thrones Funko Pops! might be small in size, they’re HUGE in character!

Fraggle Rock 

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