A Corrie Encounter!

This Tuesday our intrepid Buyer, Lucy and Digital Marketing Guru, Si boarded a heavily laden (with amazingly cool tees) motor and headed up to Manchester for the Lipsy retreat. A few long, diverted through country lanes miles later we arrived at the rather glam looking Great John Street Hotel. Right opposite the ITV Granada Studios, we could just about spot the red brick Chimneys of Coronation Street peeping through the gates and as we passed through the herd of paparazzi and into the main doors, we have to admit we felt a little bit like minor celebrities ourselves!

Upon arrival, we met the exuberant and gorgeous Katie, our PR agent extraordinaire who was ready and waiting with huge smiles to get our fabulous merchandise displayed for the occasion. The Lipsy retreat brings together a whole host of fab brands, giving us a chance to meet our celeb fans in the flesh! We had tons of fun and managed to get a few great pics of the day.

The Super’est Auction in the World!

Stop what you’re doing, pack an overnight bag, and get yourself on the next flight to the US of A…

The American Superhero Museum, based in Indianapolis,  housed around 1,000 collectables, artefacts, props and costumes from the Superman and Batman TV shows and movies from the 1950’s onwards. In 2008, the museum closed without explanation and a 2010 Court Order has demanded that the memorabilia be auctioned on January 22nd, 2011.

Some of our tips for the highest bids are original Superman costumes worn by George Reeves, Christopher Reeves and Dean Cain. We’ve seen similar originals selling in a memorabilia shop in Las Vegas for between £25,000 and £50,000. One of Helen Slater’s original Supergirl costumes is going under the hammer, as is a replica Batboat and Batmobile – brand new replica Batmobiles are currently selling for £100,000.

Superman Auction

So if you’ve got a few thousand quid burning a hole in your pocket, get yourself to Indianapolis, bid on something fun, and let us know what the cabin crew said when you flew home wearing an original Christopher Reeve £50,000 Superman costume. Alternatively, if you’re planning on sailing the Batboat back home, we’ll be your First Mate!!

For details of the other items available at the auction, click here. If you fancy a cheaper alternative, pick yourself up a TruffleShuffle Superman Costume and tell everyone it’s the real deal, we promise we won’t tell a soul!


Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink…

If shrubberies, knights who say nee, mothers being hamsters and killer rabbits all ring a bell, we have a treat in store for you! These brand new quirky Monty Python tees from Fame and Fortune, add a dash of humour with a soupcon of style and incorporate some of the funniest moments from the classic Monty Python film, ‘The Holy Grail’.