Guest Post: My Week At TruffleShuffle By Aka

Hello, my name is Akachukwu Oguine and I just finished working at TruffleShuffle for a week as work experience. I came from Lagos to Reading for holiday, but stayed in Bristol for a week to work for the best T-shirt company ever! (Not up for discussion!)
Every day I had many different tasks and jobs to do in different areas of the business that had been planned for me by the members of the TruffleShuffle team to provide me with a better understanding about how the business works in each stage of development from packaging items to pitching ideas.
In this blog post, I will be taking you through the things I did during my work experience, day by day.

Day 1: Monday

When I first arrived at TruffleShuffle, I was introduced to every available member of the TruffleShuffle family including Iain, Amy, James, Pat, Ron, Andy, Lucy, Chris, Tracey, Claire and (Lee) Mullins.
The first task I had to complete was helping Ron and Andy pick and pack orders placed over the weekend. I enjoyed this because it was one of the more hands-on jobs I did during the week. The task was to look at the invoices, read the store codes on them and match them to the codes of the ordered items in the warehouse. It was also great because I realized how swift operations in the warehouse had to be to get all first class orders made on Sunday out by 4.00pm or earlier!

Day 2: Tuesday

On Tuesday, I went through all the social media pages related to TruffleShuffle, including the website, looking at the huge collection of clothes, toys, mugs and much more, some of which I had packaged the day before! It was cool to see the site as a customer, while also knowing what happened to create the site and deliver the products on it behind the scenes as an employee. Looking through the social media pages also showed me the different ways in which TruffleShuffle keeps in touch with their customers.
When going through the site, I was asked to come up with at least five ways the site could be improved. This was among the hardest tasks I had to perform as the website was so well-designed and monitored that it was incredibly difficult to find problems with it! Eventually, after going through the pages so many times from top to bottom, I somehow managed to find some areas of the site which could be improved like using automatic filtering and searching, instead of the user having to press a button, a bit like Google Instant!

We also got this huge order for tons of plastic boxes to store all the goodies TruffleShuffle will be ordering for Christmas, which I found out was the busiest period at TruffleShuffle. We had to lift all the boxes into the warehouse and organize them, ready for the buyers to fill up! This was great because I had spent a lot of the day cooped up in an office upstairs on the computer and I finally had another hands-on job. Great exercise by the way (Sorry for the absence of pictures of this, but in my defense I was pretty busy!)

Waiting to be moved into place. Not even all of them!

Day 3: Wednesday

My main task today was to sit upstairs with Pat and Iain and come up with new ideas for t-shirts which could be considered a “blast from the past” or “retro”. I loved the fact that I did this because it brought back a lot of nostalgic memories of shows I really liked when I was younger, or even older shoes which I recently watched that had been cancelled years ago.
The thing about the task which was a bit of a challenge was finding out how the ideas could be used in a marketable way, but eventually, after some helpful input from Pat, Iain, Claire and James, we were able to come up with some great ideas for shirts you could possibly be wearing in the future!
Coming up with logo and character shirts was the best part of the task as I found so many cool pictures and quotes from various cartoon characters (like Arnold), Live action characters (like Barney Stinson) and musicians like (Ed Sheeran). The guys all loved my ideas so you never know, they might be coming to a T-Shirt near you very soon. Oh, and remember to watch Nicktoons, buy “x” and suit up!

Day 4: Thursday

Today, I was working with the buyers – I helped Lucy write down the prices of various items from a new brand they’re looking to stock called Eleven Paris so we could select the best options to sell on the website. So like Big Brother, but for clothes! I really liked a lot of the designs, especially the ones which were similar to basketball jerseys that had the last two numbers of an artist’s date of birth as their player number.  Looking at all the different designs, all great in their own way, was definitely the highlight of this task.

Looking at all the different designs, all great in their own way, was definitely the highlight of this task

Day 5: Friday

Today I received my final task which was to write a blog post summarizing every task I did during my work experience at TruffleShuffle. This was one of my favorite tasks as I got to recall all the great memories I had working with such a nice, creative, wonderful and dedicated group of people who I would love to work with again sometime in the future. It was also very difficult as I had to select only portions of these memories so the blog wouldn’t be too wordy!
Unfortunately, my time working at TruffleShuffle is up, but for those after me looking for where to receive work experience I would strongly recommend spending a week or two at TruffleShuffle.

This is Aka saying good bye and do the truffle shuffle. Do it!


Guest Post: My Work Experience at TruffleShuffle By Henry

Hi guys, my name is Henry Vanderhoest and I have just finished a week of work experience at Truffle Shuffle.

For each separate day I had various tasks and jobs to do in different departments that the team had planned for me to do in order for me to get a good understanding of how the business works and what each individual working for Truffle Shuffle does to help it be as successful as possible.
In this blog post I will be talking to you through the daily things I got up to during my week experience.


When I arrived for my first day at Truffle Shuffle, I was welcomed my Pat and was introduced to the whole team. I was told for my first day I will be helping out in the warehouse. I was explained how the warehouse operates and how it is set out in order for products to be collected and send as soon as possible. Pat told me that Monday is the busiest day of the week, as there is no one in the office during the weekend, so all orders from Friday evening to Monday morning are ready to be collected from the shelves. My job was simply to pick up each separate sheet of orders and see what product had been ordered and then locate it using the individual location code that is on each order.

So, for most of the morning and part of the afternoon I was collecting all the products that have been ordered and piled them up, ready to be delivered to the customers.

Whilst I was doing that, there had been deliveries coming in with products that needed re-stocking. When they arrived, Ron opened the boxes of deliveries and sorted them out in to piles of the different t-shirts and accessories and then in to piles of their various sizes.

They were then all counted to double check that there weren’t more or less of the products that Truffle Shuffle ordered, so if there was a mix up of the amount then it was easy to adjust it on the system so there wouldn’t be any problems with numbers in case a customer tried to order a t-shirt and it said there was one left but instead there wasn’t one.

This showed me the importance of the warehouse department, in order for it to run smoothly and so the customers are happy.

Once I had finished my job of collecting the orders that had been made during the course of the weekend, I was then given various sheets of the location of where the products that had been delivered to us had to be. I then went about restocking the different t-shirts, sunglasses, key rings, lunchbox tins, ect away in the correct location.


Today my task was to go on the Truffle Shuffle website and think of any ways in which I thought it could be improved. I was told to write a report on my suggestions for improving the website. An example of one of my suggestions was to add a view all button to the website, so that customers don’t have to change page to view all the products and instead just be on one page.


Today I was upstairs with Pat, Tracey and Iain. My task was to come up with some new product ideas related to films, TV shows, bands and games that I watched when I was younger that could be considered ‘retro’.

I was told to come up with 10 different properties and for each property come up with three different designs. These designs could be to do with the logo, characters or a specific theme tune. I spend the whole morning coming up with my different designs, thinking carefully of what to include.

Once I had finished, I then went in to the board room and presented my ideas to a group of the Truffle Shuffle team.

I went through one by one explaining my different ideas, explaining what TV show, band film or games I had thought of along with what I thought should go on the t-shirt and also explaining what colour I though the t-shirt could be. For most of the ideas there was input of what they thought could be added or improved.

This was a great experience for me because it really made me feel like I was part of the team, which for most of the work experiences I have done its not usually like that at all. The team were very supportive and showed a lot of enthusiasm to my ideas, which made me feel very happy.

For the rest of the day, I was flicking through different magazines looking for recent press feature that had Truffle Shuffle products in them. I then cut them out with the title of the magazine and arranged them ready to be laminated.

Once they were laminated, I cut them out carefully and stuck them on the wall upstairs along with other press features that were already stuck up.
Whilst doing this I read one of the articles about how Pat had the inspiration to start up Truffle Shuffle after a holiday in America where he purchased a t-shirt with the boy from the Goonies doing the Truffle Shuffle.

It was really amazing to read how the business started from a few t-shirt being sold on eBay to a really successful and well known company that ships its products  all around the world.


Today I was working with Lee, TruffleShuffle’s photographer. Our job was to take some pictures of some new products that will be going on the website. We set up the photography room with the different lighting ready for the shoot. I then went in to the warehouse and collected the various products that needed collecting for the photo shoot. We then went in to the photography room and started with our shoot, making sure we had a photo of the front of each product and the back, or if it was a bag then a photo of what it looks like inside it.

Once we had finished our photo shoot, I was set a task to do my own photo shoot using my iPhone camera of a number of sunglasses and bags.

After that I helped Amy out with opening up the returned parcels and sorting the pieces of paper in to two different piles, one for exchange and the other for refund.

I then went back in to the warehouse and helped unbox the new stock that had been delivered that day. Once I had checked that there was the correct amount of each item, I then placed the products in the specific location that they should be.

Jack and I then had to collect some of the restock items that were put away on Thursday due to an issue with the labeling.


On Friday morning I put up some more of the laminated press features in the downstairs office alongside other ones.

My final task of the week was the write up this blog post, to explain the tasks that I had done for each day of my work experience.

I have truly enjoyed my weeks work experience at TruffleShuffle. The work experience program that I had was really good in allowing me to see the different dynamics of how the company runs, whilst learning new skills that would be used on a daily basis at TruffleShuffle.

I would like to say thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to have an amazing week’s work experience at TruffleShuffle. I felt extremely welcome by all the staff and how very friendly they were.

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Henry Vanderhoest

Guest Post: Now This is a Story All About How…to Ace the 90s Revival Look!

For some of us it doesn’t seem so long ago when Top of the Pops was overrun with Britpop bands, you had your hair cut like Rachel from Friends and Saturday night TV was about watching celebrities getting gunged. But believe it or not, enough time has passed for the 90s style to come swinging in with full neon glory back into fashion again.
As we all know with this decade, this is tricky territory, as a step too far can turn you into Edina from Ab Fab. So whether you were watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Men Behaving Badly at the time, here are some fashion icons of the era you should be taking notice of if you want to get the 90s revival look right. Enjoy!
Cher Horowitz
Starting with the ultimate 90s fashion icon, Cher from 90s smash hit Clueless. The most popular girl in Bronson Alcott High School, she had the lifestyle, the attitude and was always perfectly dressed for the occasion – with the help of some awesome virtual wardrobe software that I still to this day wish I had. This summer, if you’re going to rock the 90s revival look, channel Cher and go for cute matching two piece suits for the office and a strappy top worn over a t-shirt for the gym.
Will Smith
If you’re a guy you have it easy, because Will Smith during his time starring in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a one-man 90s fashion guide. If you’re not sporting a snapback cap and a ludicrously bright t-shirt you are most certainly not Da Bomb. This look may be a little tricky to carry off, but as long as you’re prepared to muck about with your mates, have fun and still be morally correct in the face of a sticky situation, then it’ll work for you – it worked for Will!
Gwen Stafani
Back when Gwen Stafani was still known as ‘that hot singer in No Doubt’, her carefree hippie-grunge attire made her even more popular for her leading fashion sense, on top of her singing talent. Take inspiration from Gwen by mixing and matching cultural styles by donning a crop top, a sari style skirt and wearing your hair up in multiple knots. If you get it right you’ll be an ultra cool summer babe, but beware of the accidental mono-brow effect bindi abuse can cause.
Clarissa Darling
I’m not condoning all of Clarissa’s looks, but Clarissa Explains It All pretty much showcased the whole spectrum of 90s fashion female and male (look up her best bud Sam Anders). So choose carefully from some of Clarissa’s many styles, most of all various quirky choker pendants, Dr. Martin boots, dinosaur earrings and shirts over strappy tops. Especially if you can source a gem like this Lichtenstein-esque cartoon strip patterned shirt.
Spice Girls
The Spice Girls deserve honourable mention. Being a huge influence of the times they went through many phases in fashion. In my opinion the best thing they brought us was the platform trainer. This love child of a PE trainer and a corrective shoe was made popular by the girl group in the 90s ensuring anyone brave enough to don this fashion accessory an embarrassing tumble at the school disco.
This year’s take on the casual platform transform sneakers, DM style boots and even jellies into platforms. You’ll be uber cool if you’re seen wearing them, just watch your step!
Kelly Kapowski
Finally, Kelly Kapowski was the most popular character in Saved By The Bell. Girls wanted to be her and guys wanted to be with her. She rocked the bralet and jacket combo, she owned matching floral crop top and trousers look and nailed the knotted t-shirt.
Although my personal favourite was Lisa Turtle who was always immaculately dressed and, let’s face it, was less flaunty. So what if Kelly got Zach Morris? Lisa was fighting off the boys, even if that was mostly Screech…
This is an exciting time for those of us who grew up in the 90s as we’ll finally get the chance to wear all the things our pocket money wouldn’t stretch to, or our mothers wouldn’t let us go out in. Who knows, maybe my VHS collection will be worth something and turkey dinosaurs will become a delicacy. We can only hope.
Get some 90s clothing of your very own! Yes we’d welcomed the amazing brand Hero and Cape into the TruffleShuffle family.
Starting back in 2011, Hero & Cape has a fab fun and tongue-in-cheek approach to pop graphics and authentic hand-printed clothing all with a 90s inspired design.
Screen printed by hand, each and every design is unique and lovingly crafted from the hand-illustrated designs to the manual screen printing on organic cotton. Amazing! Take a peep…..
Hero & Cape
Don’t forget to check out the rest of our amazing range including plenty of 90s T-Shirts from all of the classics. Enjoy and see you soon!
By Abi Ponton

Guest Post: More Yo-Yo Than YOLO!

Hello! Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Nikki and I am a fashion blogger from Passerellauk, but most importantly of all, I’m a fully fledged 80’s baby!

Growing up in the 80’s was pretty amazing wasn’t it? There are so many things that make the 80’s great. If you’ve all but forgot the crazy times of the 80’s, then let me jog your memory a little.

Remember Ring pops, Yo Yo’s and Spokey dokes?

We all remember the good old fashioned Yo Yo right? Can you remember the one that lit up? The Coca-Cola spinner? Most people still don’t understand why they were so popular… Why were they so cool? It was all because in 1989 the UK was gripped by Yo Yo fever.. and everyone got involved from our friends, to our mums and dads! We took them to school, we took them to the park, we swapped them, replaced them and finally, got very bored of them and that was the end of the Yo Yo craze! I have to be honest, I never learnt one trick, but if I saw a Yo Yo today I would probably have a go.

Marbles had so many uses in the 80’s didn’t they? There was the simple game of marbles, with a very strange set of rules which ended in me losing my amazing swirly and gaining a chipped cats eye, that I just knew had been found on the floor! The epitome of the marble was definitely the blue one wasn’t it? That blue marble had such an allure, you had to have it! When you finally won it, you were the king of the world…and then you lost it, damn!… “another game”?

Playing marbles was great, but an even better use for marbles was Ker-Plunk!

Your heart is in your mouth as the last couple of plastic sticks remain and it’s your turn. Which one do you go for? Green or yellow? Green or yellow? It’s the hardest decision you’ve had to make all day, except for the game of Jenga earlier. You go for yellow, you can feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, but mainly the weight of the marbles on your stick and you know you’ve chosen wrong. You can’t go back now, that’s it! As the marbles crash down, you catch a glimpse of your sister’s smug face, smiling away, knowing she has just won, for the fourth time today! I’ll beat her at Guess Who!

There was nothing more fascinating than watching a Slinky bounce down the stairs…

I would wait at the top, my sister would wait at the bottom and as that funky little spring made its way down the stairs along came my brother to spoil the fun mid-flow. Just as we finally got it to work. He gives it back in a mass of neon tangles and its game over! “Muuuuuuuuuuum!”

Neon slinky

Watching saved by the bell with Zack and Kelly, was like your real life Romeo and Juliet wasn’t it? We were gripped, would they, wouldn’t they? Much like the Towie of today.. or so I hear. Hours upon hours of my 80’s life were spent in a Saved by the Bell trance, wishing I was Kelly and my boyfriend was Zack. Ah, Zack!

saved by the bell

Lego! Everyone had Lego, lots of Lego! Little Lego people, Lego flowers, Lego cars, you name it. We had brand new Lego, hand me down Lego, car boot sale Lego, our best friends Lego I planned on keeping. Lego Helicopters, Lego houses, Lego merchandise, Lego turtles, Lego stuck to your foot! Stepping on a sneaky Lego brick is the worst!

Retro Lego

If Lego friends were around in the 80’s it would have blown our little minds. Pink Lego? Are you kidding me?

Now the 80’s was all about getting outside, no matter the weather. Partly because I had two siblings and we drove each other mad if we stayed indoors. We had a massive back garden so we would play out there with amazing games like Twister, where we would all get involved.

Being outside in the 80’s was great because we had bikes, and my new Roller boots! Not only could I whiz around on wheels, but I could stop myself by tipping my toe forward whilst imaging I was an ice skater. Oh yeh!

I also enjoyed coordinating my boots and outfit because after all, the 80’s was all about the NEON!

….and it still is today!

Now the 80’s may be a thing of the past, but don’t be sad. We will always have our memories, and when that isn’t enough, we will always have….TruffleShuffle.

For the days when you want to unleash your inner She-Ra

Ladies Charcoal She-Ra Princess Of Power T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle
Ladies Charcoal She-Ra Princess Of Power T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle

 Ladies Grey She-Ra Princess Of Power Sweater from TruffleShuffle
Ladies Grey She-Ra Princess Of Power Sweater from TruffleShuffle

Re-live the shell suit

Men's 80's Shell Suit Fancy Dress Costume
Men's 80's Shell Suit Fancy Dress Costume

Bring retro TV back into your life…

Ladies Old School Video Tapes Collection Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle
Ladies Old School Video Tapes Collection Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle

…and remind yourself there was life before iTunes.

Retro Cassette iPad Cover
Retro Cassette iPad Cover

Retro Cassette Messenger Bag
Retro Cassette Messenger Bag

May it long remain the coolest era and may we never ever forget the 80’s!

Nikki xoxo

My Work Experience Week at Truffle Shuffle

Hi guys! I’m Jack and have just finished my work experience at Truffle Shuffle and I’m going give you a little behind the scenes look into the week of a life here at Truffle Towers so you can see what I’ve been up to.


Monday was my first day working at Truffle Shuffle and after I’d been introduced to the gang, I went off to work in the warehouse with Andy and Ron (the Don), picking orders from the shelves and then packaging them for deliver to you lucky lot. After my lunch I carried on doing this until it was time to put all the deliveries into a Royal Mail bag to be counted and taken away, for the rest of the day I opened the fresh new deliveries and put them on the shelves. So that was my first day done and I couldn’t wait for what lay ahead.

A rare action shot of Andy picking orders


Today I spent the majority of the morning looking through social networking sites at how TruffleShuffle present themselves to you and I. After this I spent time looking at the website looking for any things that could be improved then presented my idea’s to head Shuffler Pat. In the afternoon I helped customer services hero Amy go through the returned items and putting them back on the system before going back to the warehouse to open the new deliveries.

Amy taking a customer’s call


Today upstairs with Pat and Iain, I was tasked to come up with 30 new T-Shirt ideas from TV shows and films from my childhood. This took all morning but was great to know that I was doing some real work for the company :D. After a morning of brain storming and creative thinking it was back down stairs for another stint in the busy warehouse, picking up orders and sending the off to you lovely people.

Pat cheerful as ever.


This morning I was upstairs in the studio with Lee preparing and taking photos of the new products we had received in the days before. This was a great experience and some of my pictures went online the same day! After lunch upstairs with Iain, we looked at how features in bit’s of newspapers and magazines affect the sales of that product.

Iain the resident ginger doing something tecy


After a the hardest week’s work I’ve ever done I finally present my ideas to Pat and Tracey in the board room, and is amazing to hear that in a year’s time some of my T-Shirt designs might be made and sold by Truffle Shuffle. My final task of the week is to write this blog and I’d just like to say to Pat and the gang, thank you sooooooooo much for giving me this opportunity and I’ll miss you all loads.