5 Things You Need to Know About Top Gun: Maverick

If, after over 30 years, you still feel the need for speed then here’s some good news: Top Gun: Maverick also known as ‘Top Gun 2’ will finally (finally!) be hitting the big screen in cinemas across the country in May 2022 and we cannot wait!

To celebrate the much-anticipated sequel of the ultimate 80s blockbuster which helped propel Tom Cruise into movie stardom and get you right up to speed (the need for speed!), we’ve put together a list of five things you need to know about Top Gun: Maverick right here, guaranteed to get you geared up for even more amazing aerial action from the Naval Fighter Weapons School.

Top Gun TShirts and aviator sunglasses at the ready, let’s buzz the tower once more!
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Celebrating 40 Years of Caring With Our Exclusive New Care Bears Collection! 🌈

Celebrating 40 magical years of Care Bears, our all-new exclusive collection of Care Bears clothing, gifts and accessories is finally here and brings plenty of colour and magic with it!

Taking inspiration from original artwork found on official vintage merch back in the 80s – now how’s that for retro?! – our new collection of Care Bears merchandise features stunning new smock dresses, T-Shirts, sweaters, bags and more that are sure to add a pop of colour and old-school cool to your day!

To help us really reveal this amazing new range with a splash, we’ve teamed up with some of our super fashionable favourites who have lovingly styled some of these latest designs.

The cute and kawaii Antonia (@lady_purrington), the colourful and cool Caspian (@caspiankeskin) and the sweet and sassy Lydia (@darlingheart).
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8 Beary Good Winnie the Pooh Gifts For Disney Fans!

On the lookout for amazing Winnie the Pooh gifts that are as sweet as honey? We’ve searched far and wide in the Hundred Acre Wood to bring you our most hugable, snugable and downright lovable gifts for the Winnie the Pooh fan in your life.

Perfect treats for Disney lovers, our collection of official Winnie the Pooh merchandise comes oozing with pyjamas, clothing, jewellery and of course, Loungefly bags!

We’ve stuck our paws into our sweet collection of treats and picked out some of our very best gifts for adults that we know will spoil your real-life silly bear. Enjoy!

Women's It's The Simple Things Winnie The Pooh Disney Pyjamas

We think Pooh totally nailed it with this one! Snuggle up with the silliest of bears with these adorable It’s The Simple Things Winnie The Pooh Disney Pyjamas. A cosy nod to this total classic!
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10 Star Wars TShirts To Make Your May The 4th Out Of This World!

Rising on the horizon like the twin suns of Tatooine, Star Wars day is just around the corner on May 4th (get it? May the 4th be with you!) and we’re SO ready to celebrate the most iconic sci-fi adventure movies ever as well as the amazing characters that it has introduced us to!

The perfect day to really celebrate your passion for these incredible stories, make this year a little extra special and a whole lot geekier with one of our amazing Star Wars TShirts!

To help get you inspired and ready to dive in and pull the trigger on your new tee, we’ve picked out ten of our favourite Star Wars clothing from our ever-growing collection of Star Wars merch. Make like a Wookie and check them out!

Star Wars Ewok Endor Park Ranger Khaki T-Shirt

Surely THE Star Wars tee to ‘Endor’ Star Wars tees? Okay, bad pun but we tried. Show off your true credentials as a forest-dwelling Ewok with our Star Wars Ewok Endor Park Ranger Khaki T-Shirt.
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Our Top The Office Quotes We Say Almost Daily!

One for all you fellow The Office fans out there!

Not only was the US adaptation of The Office a multi-award winning sensation, but it was a true cult phenomenon that had millions of us tuning in and laughing, crying and definitely cringing through its 201 amazing episodes.

Thanks to its incredible script and pretty out-there characters, almost every moment and every scene would throw totally quotable lines at you and no thanks to our almost ritual viewing ever since the show first aired backed in 2005, we’ve adopted a scary amount of these into our daily lives, usually while rocking our Dunder Mifflin TShirts too for added impact of course.

To show you what we mean and to share some of our favourites and most quotable moments from the hit show, we’ve highlighted some totally fun quotes that we say almost daily. Hopefully, we’re not alone!

“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”

Such a classic glimpse into Michael Scott’s mind! He just never seems to quote ‘get’ things and you know what, sometimes we don’t too and that’s okay. Usually, this one is something you need a bit of setting up for but you know what, when the stars align and you can get this one out, it’s worth it.
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