Cracking Tees Gromit! Exclusive New Aardman T-Shirts Have Touched Down

By ‘eck lad! Celebrating the adorably cute and hilariously funny classic Aardman movies, we are super excited to introduce our exclusive new range of Wallace and Gromit TShirts featuring awesome moments from A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave and A Matter Of Loaf and Death. What a cracking set of tees!

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TShirts To The Rescue! Turning Your Old TShirts Into Face Masks – A How To

Just when we thought the mighty tshirt couldn’t get more amazing, it turns out you can turn your older, worn out or perhaps ‘outgrown’ tshirts (we’ve got a few of those!) into nifty face masks to help keep you save and well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the 11th May, the UK Government published a handy article showcasing just how you can indeed create your own face mask from old tees so we thought we would share this wisdom as we’re now being advised to wear face masks in public spaces such as public transport and some shops.

Here’s what you need to do…

Firstly, grab an old or unwanted tshirt (smaller the better) and some scissors.

Step 1: Firstly, grab an old or unwanted tshirts (smaller the better) and some scissors.
Lay the tshirt flat then cut a straight line across the width of the T-shirt (front and back) approximately 20cm up from the bottom hem.

Step 2: With your new cut off, 2cm in from the top and bottom on the two sides, cut into the fabric 15cm. Creating a rectangle which you then need to also cut away. Then stip the remaining joint 2cm strips of fabric in the middle or where they’re folded from.

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Keeping Cosy In Total Style With Our Latest Disney Pyjamas

Looking for the ultimate cosy style for your stay at home plans? Heck yeah you are! Not having plans doesn’t mean you can’t plan to look awesome and feel totally at ease which is why our range of Disney Pyjamas and loungewear has never been more essential.

Packed with classic Disney charm, our latest designs feature Gene from Alladin, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. What’s not to love? Let’s take a look…

Women's Aladdin Three Wishes Pyjamas

Looking to stay cosy, warm and totally magical? *Poof* You wish is our command thanks to this stunning set of Aladdin Three Wishes Pyjamas. What more could you wish for? Continue reading “Keeping Cosy In Total Style With Our Latest Disney Pyjamas”

TruffleShuffle NHS Discount Now Live!

As you may have noticed, we love to talk about our favourite superheroes, the amazing things they’ve done and how many people they protect. Yeah, we’re nerds!
Outside of Gotham and Smallville though, there is a huge team of real-life superheroes working away night and day to keep all of us safe and well.

As a thank you from us to all these amazing people on the frontline, we’re thrilled to now be able to offer an exclusive 15% off NHS and Emergency service discount via Blue Light Card.

Blue Light Card TruffleShuffle NHS Discount

We’re so grateful for the amazing frontliners who are going above and beyond to help their community and our country to get through this crisis.

To pick up this little thank you, head over to the Blue Light Card website and you’ll find our offer once you’re signed up, verified and logged in.

If you experience any issues getting or using the offer, let us know by contacting or reaching us on Whatsapp on +44(0)7400 555500.

From all the TruffleShuffle team, thank you.

The Weekly Retro Movie Rundown – 377

Saying helloooooo to another retro movie weekend! While we need to put a hold on our own adventures, we can sure tune in and join in on a whole heap of others with our top pick of classic movies hitting the telly. Enjoy!

Gremlins Merchandise


Practical Magic (1998) Channel 5 1:00pm-3:10pm
Two chalk-and-cheese sisters descended from a long line of white witches, are determined to lift the curse that has burdened all the females of the family for generations – namely, that any man who falls in love with them will suffer an untimely death. Fantasy, starring Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing, Dianne Wiest and Aidan Quinn.

Bedazzled (2000) 5STAR 1:30pm-3:15pm
The Devil appears as a beautiful woman to a lovelorn computer buff and grants him seven wishes in exchange for his soul. However, he quickly discovers that dealing with the Princess of Darkness is not so simple, and when he uses his wishes to woo the girl he loves they all backfire on him in disastrous fashion. Fantasy comedy remake, with Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley, Frances O’Connor and Miriam Shor.
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