Anyone For Cake?

And not just any old cake – oh no! Prepare for an INVASION of your taste buds thanks to this incredible Retro Invader Cake Mould

Retro Invader Cake Mould £9.99
Retro Invader Cake Mould £9.99
Retro baking is all the rage! Cupcakes are cool, muffins are of the moment but this awesome retro arcade cake mould really takes the biscuit!
This silicon baking dish comes in retro green and comes in the shape of a Space Invader. It measures 6.5" x 6.5"

Now landing in a kitchen near you these microwave-safe cake moulds are a real blast from the past, inspired by the original arcade games that we all grew up playing.  (Okay, anyone who grew up playing Guitar Hero or Medal of Honour, you’re going to have to wait another 10 years until something from your childhood era becomes anywhere near “retro”.)

Now back to the rest of us who shamelessly find pleasure in seeing iconic retro objects from our past brought back to life in various different guises!  Our microwave-safe, Retro Arcade Cake Moulds are designed to hit the sweet tooth of all die-hard gamers of old, those of us who spent all our pocket money on Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pac Man.  So put down your muffin trays and get down to making some cosmic carrot cake, space age sponge cake, or whatever other arcade related cake puns you can think of (hmm… the list is almost endless; bake invaders, space cakes…yum).

Even the box is cool!

Why not attempt to create an entire level’s worth of space monsters, and boldly bake where no baker has gone before?  Your friends and family are sure to give you a top score when you serve up these cheeky space goodies.  Now just get ready to prepare for battle as your friends invade the kitchen to get a bite of your alien fleet of cream-filled goodness!

Tempted? Get yours here….

PS Cake not included!


Get your fangs into this Teen Wolf Fans!

So has anyone been watching the new small screen version of Teen Wolf?

Obviously, here at TruffleShuffle, we’re HUGE fans of the original movie so it was with some trepidation that we thought we’d give the new TV version a go. It premiered in the states back in June on MTV and it’s now being shown over here on Sundays and Thursdays on Sky Living at 8pm!

The new series is a sexier and darker take on the 1980’s cult classic movie but will it live up to the movie which inspired it?

The story centres around socially awkward Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey who also appeared in Maid in Manhattan, Brothers and Sisters), the quintessential outsider, whose life is turned upside down after a terrifying encounter with a werewolf. To Scott’s amazement, his body begins to develop super-human abilities overnight. Life has never been so good for once unnoticed Scott, who, thanks to his new found success in the school lacrosse team soon becomes the most popular and desirable guy in school.

If that’s whet your appetite, here’s the trailer…..

Will his new gift prove to be a blessing or a curse though? Only time will tell!

Obviously you can’t blame the show creators for cashing in on the huge vampire and werewolf craze but have they done one of our favourite movies justice or are they just going to piss off a whole bunch of 80’s kids by dirtying the name of such a true movie classic? Well we’ve tuned into the first few episodes and to be honest, we’re struggling to see any resemblance to the original apart from the title! They’ve totally changed the tone and mythology of the story and gone for a much darker, scarier and edgier theme. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though – obviously we understand they had to make changes to bring it into the 21st century and if it means a new generation falls in love with Teen Wolf (albeit a totally different incarnation) – I guess that’s OK with us. Plus, as remakes go, this isn’t too bad. The acting is decent, there’s plenty of comedy thrown in, along with a big dose of teen angst for good measure. It’s not Teen Wolf as we know it so we just hope any new fans it brings in take the time to watch the original too because let’s face it, everyone should!

In light of that, we couldn’t resist grabbing the “B” Ball (the TV show have gone for lacrosse instead by the way – what’s that all about?) getting in some car surfing and howling at the moon with some original Teen Wolf moments…..

Who hasn’t wanted to do this?

And of course, no 80’s classic would be complete without a cheesy 80’s rock sound track and man this is one of the cheesiest I’ve heard…..

Of course, as one of our fave movies, we couldn’t resist adding a few cheeky Teen Wolf tees to the site too!

Men's Teen Wolf T-Shirt £24.99
Men's Teen Wolf T-Shirt £24.99

We particularly love this design from POPMASH which is the kind of reinterpretation which we definitely love!

Men's Springsteen Wolf T-Shirt from Popmash £18.99
Men's Springsteen Wolf T-Shirt from Popmash £18.99

And while we’re on the subject of Teen Wolf Merchandise… check out these awesomely cool Teen wolf inspired Pumps from Nike. GENIUS!

My Work Experience Diary….

My name is Bailey Douglas and I’m a year 10 student at Clevedon School. I chose to do work experience at because I do a lot of online shopping and I’m really interested in fashion so I wanted to see how things worked behind the scenes.

The team at TruffleShuffle planned lots of different tasks for me to do throughout the week and put me to work with lots of different members of staff so I could get a feel for every part of the business.

On Monday, I worked with the guys in the warehouse picking, packing, checking and shipping customer orders. The warehouse is really big and stacked with loads of t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. They have a very efficient system of getting the products to the customer and everything is very organised to make sure we don’t make any mistakes.

The Warehouse

I took some pictures so you guys could see how everything works too.
Every aisle has a letter and they’re numbered and lettered so every T-Shirt has it’s own spot. This makes it really easy to pick all of your orders and to make sure we always get the right item.

Monday is a really busy day for the warehouse as we have to get out all of the weekends orders ready to go for pickup at 5pm so I was kept really busy. It was a tiring day but really good to see how this part of the business works.

The guys who I was working with said at Christmas times, things get even busier and they have to work at double speed!

On Tuesday morning I was asked to spend some time on the website and write up a report for the Managing Director Claire with my ideas on how to improve the website. I had to spend lots of time on the site as well as TruffleShuffle’s blog, facebook page and twitter page too. She wanted me to look at ways in which they could make it easier for their customers to browse and buy and then let her know my suggestions. I came up with ideas like introducing a 360 degree rotation view of the product which one of my favourite websites does which they said they’re definitely going to look into. They also gave me £25 to buy anything on their site which was very kind of them so that I could test out the whole process for myself. I chose their I Heart The 80’s T-Shirt and a pair of sunglasses too!

Men's I Heart The 80's T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune £20.00
Men's I Heart The 80's T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune £20.00
Me in my new T-Shirt - thanks TruffleShuffle!

In the afternoon I worked with Amy who looks after all the customer service for the website and she showed me how to process refunds and exchanges which I then helped her with.

Here's a picture of Amy hard at work

On Wednesday I worked with Si who works in design and marketing on one of the weekly TruffleShuffle newsletters.


The buyers gave us a list of product they wanted us to include and we then came up with ideas of how we wanted everything to look. Most of the time was spent on Photoshop making the newsletter look approachable and stylish.

Me hard at work!

I helped with a lot of this and gave my opinion what else could be done in terms of advertising the products. One of the ways we chose to advertise the t-shirts was to make them look like they’re hanging on a washing line which I think is quite creative. We also advertised the new Care Bears range and I chose the image which sat behind the T-Shirts. Over the duration of the day I developed a lot more Photoshop skills and it is quite rewarding to see what you have achieved when you’ve finished it. Here it is in case you’re interested…

My newsletter!

On Thursday morning, I worked with Amy again to update the TruffleShuffle press wall! They get a lot of press features and pictures of celebrities like Mollie King and Russell Brand wearing their T-Shirts which they display all around the offices so I was given the job of cutting out all the images, laminating them and displaying them.

The press wall!

It looks really good!

More press

After I’d finished that, I was asked by the buyers and designers to do some transformers research. They’re going to be working on a new range of Transformers designs over the next month so they wanted me to look into which characters were most popular, see what cool imagery I could find online and come up with any t-shirt designs I could think of to feedback to the team. I managed to find loads of stuff and they said they’re going to let me know if they use anything in the range which will be really cool. In the afternoon,I carried on working with the same guys but this time, they gave me the task of putting together a mood board using pictures I found online and in magazines of T-Shirt designs, fonts and shapes that I like that can be inspirational for designing new products. This was quite a laid back and enjoyable task and I found lots of stuff which I thought they could use.

My mood board!

Last but not least, on Friday morning I finished off my mood-board and had to present it to Claire and Lucy which was a bit scary!I had to go through why I’d chosen the pictues I did and how I thought they could use them to inspire future designs. This was a new experience but it was good to do some presenting as they said this is something both they and their suppliers have to do a lot so it’s a good skill to have.

My last task of the week was to write this blog to put on the website to show future work experience students what kinds of thing they can expect from working here. Overall, it’s been a good experience and I have developed many new skills which I hope to be able to use in the future. I would definitely recommend doing work experience here!

Hope you enjoy my blog!

The First Avenger.

This July, there’s excitement brewing in the TruffleShuffle office… On the 29th of July the man who is not afraid to mix stripes with stars will be hitting the big screens all around the UK. Some may think this is some kind of fashion faux-pas, but for Captain America it’s the only option….

So with the movie just around the corner, what better time for me to fill you in on a bit of background information on this fighter for Liberty and Justice….. Captain America‘s real name is Steve Rogers. During World War 2 Rogers was turned away by the US military for being too sickly and weak but Rogers was given a second chance to serve his country by joining a top secret military project to create the world’s first super soldier. The procedure involving Super-Soldier Serum and “Vita-Ray” treatment was a success but the experiment was ambushed by the evil Red Skull (Head of Nazi terrorist activities, the commander of terrorist organization HYDRA & soon to become Roger’s greatest foe). Unfortunately for Red Skull, the scientists were also killed during the ambush taking the super soldier formula with them.


The serum and ray treatment turns Roger’s into the pinnacle of human perfection, giving him super human strength, speed, agility and extraordinarily keen reflexes and senses. He has blended judo, western boxing, kickboxing, and gymnastics into his own unique fighting style and has also trained in multiple martial arts and weapons training. His weapon of choice is possible one of the most iconic in the Marvel universe, a shield.

Captain America’s iconic shield

Captain America's Shield
Captain America's Shield

Made from a near indestructible mix of adamantium steel and vibranium alloy this shield is able to withstand massive impacts from enemy gun fire and huge energy blasts. Captain America utilizes this unique weapon by throwing it at his enemies (sometimes multiple targets) and luckily for him, his trusty tool then returns to his side, just in time to protect him from enemy attack.

The Movie

“Captain America: The First Avenger” will focus on the early days of The Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program and becomes the super soldier that is Captain America. And with help from Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter he’s set to wage war on the evil HYDRA organization led by Red Skull. Captain American is played by Hollywood star Chris Evans – the Fantastic Four actor has famously bulked-up for his role as Steve Rogers, a young soldier deemed unfit for military service who volunteers for a top secret project that transforms him into a human-fighting machine.

Other famous faces to star alongside Evans include Tommy Lee Jones, Dominic Cooper and Matrix villain, Hugo Weaving as Captain America’s arch-nemesis, Red Skull.

Captain America Movie Poster
Captain America Movie Poster

Not long to go now, so who else is looking forward to seeing the First Avenger in action?

Just a bit of fun…

If you’re as excited about this movie as we are, check out this trailer for the original 1990 film!! We’re hoping the new film will be a little less cheesy…

And don’t forget – here at – we’ve got a tonne of awesome, official Captain America tees and accessories to help you get even more excited about the upcoming new release! We particularly like this little gem…

Men's Capt America Say No To Drugs T-Shirt from Junk Food £28.99
Men's Capt America Say No To Drugs T-Shirt from Junk Food £28.99

And how flipping cool are these Captain America inspired headphones from Coloud….

Retro Captain America Marvel Headphones from Coloud £34.99
Retro Captain America Marvel Headphones from Coloud £34.99

They come complete with standard 3.5mm jacks that can plug into pretty much any audio device (including the iPod and most of today’s smartphones) so prepare for Captain America to invade your ears as well as your eyes this year!


Get Them Before They Go!

Here at, we’re always developing new and exciting products which means some of our fabulous clothes have to be discontinued to make room for all the new stuff we have on the way! All the products listed below are only available until stocks last so be sure to snap up anything which catches your eye as once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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