Ken models for Esquire Shoot

When Ken rocked some pretty daring outfits in Toy Story 3 earlier this year, Esquire quickly snapped him up for an awesome photoshoot and hot feature in their mag back in August. Sporting outfits from Burberry, Paul Smith, Gucci and Prada, Ken really has cemented his place as a true fashion icon!

Barbie also got in on the luxury action and hit down in Selfridges just before Xmas in the form of a rather pricy (£10,000) football table. The footballers being barbies of course!

If this is a dent your pocket cannot afford, we have some utterly glorious Barbie TShirts which will go down well with any Barbie fan!


Space Hopper Saves The Day!

While getting our fix of the mags last night, TruffleShuffle came across this amazing story of how a Space Hopper saved the lives of two young girls and we had to share it with you.

The two girls aged 15 and 16 were walking along a sea wall in Dawlish when a freak wave knocked them off and swept them out to sea. Neighbours heard the girls screams and ran to help but when they realised the life bouy wouldn’t reach them, they had to come up with another plan of action. Luckily, another quick thinking neighbour just happened to have a Space Hopper to hand?!! which he was able to throw out to where the girls were trying to stay afloat. With the help of the super space hopper, the girls were able to hold on till the life boat and coast guard rescue teams arrived.

Both girls went on to make a full recovery after their ordeal and will always remember the funny faced, bouncy toy that saved their lives. Get your very own super life saver for just £14.95 at

We know what we are taking with us to the seaside this Summer!

Mizz Magazine Feature – How to wear your TruffleShuffle tee!

Our best selling I Love Geeks Ladies T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune was featured within Mizz Magazine’s reader makeover style section this week and the fabulous fashion fairies at Mizz showed us how to create 4 totally different looks around it. Incorporating some of this seasons hottest trends, if you fancy finding out how to pull off the ultimate in Geek chic, read on below…

Le Geek, c'est chic!
We especially love the checkmate inspired ensemble!

If, like us, this has inspired you to try your own take on the glorious ‘Geek chic’ trend, start with your very own Geeks Tee here for a totally bargainous £20.

Over and out!


Buyers, Breakfast, Berlin and Bread & Butter – An Inspired Trip

Last Thursday, alarm clocks set at 3am (yes, that’s right) us TruffleShuffle buyers, hazily awoke from our slumbers and prepared ourselves for a long day of trade show fun. The destination, Bread & Butter in Berlin. This is where we head for a bi-annual buying trip, a place to meet up with existing suppliers for a chin-wag and view of the new collections for 2011. It’s also a fab opportunity to source new ranges and expand our current supplier base as we are always super keen to introduce new exciting brands and product to the site.

Yummy pancakes with honeycomb butter and caramel drizzle. Ahhhh dreamy...

Upon arriving at Heathrow, the first thing on our minds was BREKKIE! We needed some serious fuel for the day ahead and some kind of a feast to keep us awake and perky! After checking in, we swiftly made our way to Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food restaurant and one Eggs Norwegian, one full English, one Pancakes with banana, two apple juices and two coffees later we were ready to go!

High up in the sky

Taking off at 7.05am, we flew high above the clouds and took in the most stunning sun rise; some more coffees and a little nap later, we had arrived! Set in the amazing old Tempelhof airport, Bread & Butter attracts buyers from all over the world and is a showcase for major brands such as Replay and Superdry as well as smaller up and coming brands.

Entrance to B&B
Bread and Butter info boards - old school!
Conveyor belt full of goodie bags!

What an amazing setting! With all the original airport signs, baggage conveyor belt, check in desks and design details still intact, we even had to show our passports upon entering along with our boarding pass style entrance tickets. It is a very slick operation, and a really fantastic show. Zig-zagging our way through the numerous stands, we caught up with some of our favourite suppliers including, Chunk, Amplified, Coloud, Chaser LA and Junk Food. We were buzzing with excitement at the new ranges, there are some real treats in store for you this year!

The fabulous Martin at Chunk
Amplified's industrial style stand
A cage of tees (And sneak preview of the new leather jacket)
Model behaviour at Amplified
Gum-ball goodies at Junk Food
Vintage distressed wall pics!
Chaser LA looking slick with a nod to the sixties!

After all our buyer dealings we had a little time to take in the sights of the show and I got quite snap happy taking photo’s of all the wicked design details and decorative stands, these were a few of my fave bits!

Bottled beauty
Disco pants
Got my eyes on you...
Hangin on the line
Sneaky aerial(ish) view

And so, back to Blighty to write up and follow up on this year’s finds! Roll on July, when we head back for more… xoxo

Time to depart 🙁

Our ten favourite uses of the Rolling Stones tongue…

In 1971, John Pasche, a budding young British artist, was commissioned by the Rolling Stones to produce a logo intended to be used as the album artwork for Sticky Fingers. After meeting Mick Jagger for the first time, Pasche was inspired to come up with the now infamous lips and tongue design by the “size of his lips and mouth”. Voted in 2008 as the Greatest Band Logo of all time, and widely credited as the first ‘rock brand marketing’, the iconic design has been celebrated, for better or worse, in some zany ways over the past forty years. We celebrate our favourite here, and now!

Stones tongue stage
The stage at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium for the 1978 Stones performance
Mown into the lawn at Chateau de Chambord, France
Mown into the lawn at Chateau de Chambord, France
Signed Rolling Stones guitar
Signed Rolling Stones guitar
Gotta love the tats!
Gotta love the tats!
Naff tie to go with that sir?
Naff tie to go with that sir?
Hot-rod air intakes - it gets better!!!
Rolling Stones phone - now this is a MUST HAVE!
Rolling Stones phone - now this is a MUST HAVE!
Rolling Stones airship!
Rolling Stones airship!
World famous lips urinal!
World famous lips urinal!
Rolling Stones T Shirt
Best of the lot - this diamante Rolling Stones T Shirt from TruffleShuffle!