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Winning Reviews

It couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is review your recent purchases – by clicking on the product page and telling us why you love your new item so much. We love hearing about what memories it brings back, how you wear it, what you love about it (along with any comments you get from fellow fans!).

We try really hard to ensure your shopping experience with us is as enjoyable as possible, and hope you have nothing but good stories to tell your friends and family.

If you are new to the TruffleShuffle family, let us fill you in on why we so have such a dedicated fan base.

*We provide an awesome variety of licensed products, all of which are available and ready to ship the same day you order (if done before Postman Pat arrives at 4pm)!

*We respond to all customer enquiries personally – and are just a phone call away to answer any questions.

*We have an amazing Facebook and Twitter page meaning you can keep up to date with new designs, give us your feedback and join in the overall fun which that happens at TruffleTowers.

*We have a Facebook competition every Friday – participation is a must! (You can even win yourself a £25.00 gift voucher to spend on the site).

*We take on board ALL of your suggestions and love hearing what you want to see on the site.

We really appreciate all of your lovely emails and reviews, so it’s only fair we reward you with a chance to win some TruffleShuffle spending money! If we pick your review as our favourite, we will drop you an email and credit your TruffleShuffle account with £50! xoxo

‘Just wanted to say thanks! Great website, great item, great service! Definitely gonna be heading back to this site in the future.’

‘Just wanna say I love you guys, I only buy my tshirts from you and everyone I meet I tell them to shop TruffleShuffle. I remember the first time I ordered from you, it arrived the next day even with though i only paid for the regular delivery price AND you sent me sweets with it! You are awesome! x’

‘Hi, just received the t shirt and i would just like to say a big thankyou for being so efficient in changing the size of the t shirt and sending it. i would recommend truffle shuffle to all my friends who are looking for something different for a present, thank so much xx’

The day our all our Truffle Shuffle-ing dreams came true!

So for those of you who don’t know, here at, we’re named after the one and only TruffleShuffle dance, as performed by the incomparable Chunk from The Goonies…….

Yes, our founder loved the iconic movie so much that when it came to coming up for a name for the site back in 2004, Chunk’s classic belly shaking move was the only choice and hence was born.

With that in mind, you can imagine our absolute amazement to discover that none other than Jeff B Cohen AKA the man who played Chunk over 25 years ago is following us on twitter!


We’ve even tweeted each other and were completely honoured to send him some of our official Goonies tees including this one of course….

Men's How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune
Men's How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune

Not that he needs reminding how to do it I’m sure!

For those of you wondering where he is now, unfortunately, Jeff decided to leave the movie world behind after his star stint as Chunk and is now a 36-year-old entertainment lawyer! In fact, he runs his own law firm, Cohen & Gardner, LLP and in 2008, was named by the “Hollywood Reporter” as one of Hollywood’s Top 35 Executives Under 35! Who’d have thunk it?

We’re struggling to see any resemblance whatsoever to our childhood hero Chunk!

Chunk then.....

In a recent interview, Jeff said ‘Puberty was the main culprit in ending my acting career. I went from being kind of this chunky little kid to looking different and I was really bummed because I loved acting.’

Don’t worry Jeff – we’ll always love you and huge thanks again for making our day, no scrap that YEAR by following us! We’d never have dreamed all those years ago that the guy who inspired our whole site would know who we are!

See people, dreams really do come true!

Retro Toys And Tea-Time Treats From Punky Allsort

We were left positively drooling at these new arrivals from the super-sweet brand Punky Allsorts! Lovingly hand-made, just like mama’s fairy-cakes, these utterly scrumptious delights are the perfect pick-me-up treat (and completely calorie free!)

Cola Bottle Ring £8.50
Minature Allsorts Bracelet £12.95

Biscuit Collection Ring £18.50

And, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, these absolutely gorgeous and nostalgic goodies turned up! How we loved building castles from Lego and practicing our Care Bear stares back when we were little!

Funshine Bear Bracelet £16.50
Lego Ring £9.95


Fame & Fortune with TruffleShuffle

Blogging for Wardrobe Mag & TruffleShuffle, I find myself in front of the camera a lot awkwardly posing in the most beautiful of clothes. So when those lovely folks at the TruffleShuffle towers asked me to think of ideas for my next guest post, I had a slightly different proposal…

Instead of being in front of the camera, I thought wouldn’t it be refreshing for everyone to have a break from my lovely mug (ahem) and give someone else a go. Now before you pull that confused expression hear me out.

Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirt
Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirt

With it being summer (you know that brief period in our yearly calendar when this strange yellow thing called the Sun comes out and we’re all so happy and hot) I thought it would be cool to maybe do a mini photo-shoot. I also thought it would be perfect to show you male TruffleShufflers’ how some of the men’s tees look worn on.

As a keen photographer, I offered to “get my pap on” and take the pictures. With TruffleShuffle providing the t shirts it was just the models left to gather. Unfortunately Kate Moss was busy back then with her pending nuptials but step forward two of the Wardrobe Mag girls: Steph and Bhavna. Now getting a bunch of guys to model wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be but three superhero studs came to my rescue. Once again thank you Anthony, Alex and Kieran.

Now where does one do a super cool summer photo-shoot at? Well the park of course! Where else can we mix a bit of business and pleasure? Just a shame the kiddies had taken over the swings and slides, how inconsiderate.

Fame and Fortune in the park
Fame and Fortune in the park

Without sounding really bigheaded…I think the pictures have come out well! I think I took like 500 pics on the day but whittled it down to a handful. The ‘models’ are all wearing t-shirts by a brand called “Fame and Fortune” which is EXCLUSIVE (yes capital letters were needed) to TruffleShuffle. Round neck t-shirts are their main clothing items but look out for V-neck t-shirts/scoop neck t-shirts, slouchy fit tees and pullovers. Their items include  TV show t-shirts, movie t-shirts, and cartoon t-shirts.

Fame and Fortune Ladies T Shirts
Fame and Fortune Ladies T Shirts

Steph is wearing the Ladies Sugar Puffs Honey Monster t-shirt “tell them about the honey, mummy!”

Bhavna is wearing the Ladies Transformers group t-shirt perfect for you Transformers fans.

Kieran is wearing the Men’s He-Man and the Masters of Universe t-shirt “By the power of Grayskull!”

Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirts
Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirts

Anthony took our breath away *groan* in the Men’s Maverick Top Gun t-shirt.

Last but not least, Alex is wearing the Men’s I Skull the Goonies T-shirt – one of my favourite films EVER.

All the “Fame and Fortune” t-shirts used are available to buy on TruffleShuffle as well as some other boss F&F t-shirts.

Ladies Sugar Puffs T Shirt
Ladies Sugar Puffs T Shirt
Mens Top Gun T Shirts
Mens Top Gun T Shirt

We all had such a fun day on the shoot and lucky for us the weather was so nice we got to bust our sunglasses out- bonus. Anyway I hope you all like the pictures! Special thanks to TruffleShuffle for giving me this opportunity. Also once again a huge thank you to all my models, hope you find “Fame and Fortune” after this…haha no?


Retro gaming has never looked so cool!

We’ve just found out about an amazing exhibition that’s happening in far away Los Angeles.  ‘Super I Am 8 Bit’ is a group art show where over 100 artists re-imagine their 80’s gaming fantasies, delusions and secret desires via all sorts of media – painting, sculpture, plush, and even some more interactive experimentation.  Get ready to see some classic computer game characters as you’ve never seen them before!

Pixels are sexy!

Check out this awesome flyer for the event, which features some of my favourite characters like Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic and Mega Man all leaping out into action from underneath Princess Peach’s skirt!

How many old skool favourites can you name?

This short video shows one of the past events, and is a glimpse of the kind of goodies that you might expect to see at the new 2011 version.  Keep your eyes peeled for a DJ using a GameBoy as a soundsystem!

For more information visit  It all sounds right up my street, it’s just a shame it’s so far away!  Here’s hoping that the exhibition can find it’s way to the UK at some point soon, don’t keep a Nintendo fan boy waiting…