Don’t be a plonker this Fathers day…

Head over to our gifts section and check out the new Only Fools and Horses Range!

There’s nothing we love better than a lovely Jubbly brew and Del-Boy would definitely be in agreement! Give your dad a break from his under-the-jacket trading with these awesome Only Fools and Horses inspired mugs…

Only Fools And Horses Mug
Only Fools And Horses You Plonker Boxed Mug £5.99
Only Fools And Horses Giant Mug
Only Fools And Horses Giant 'Cushty' Mug £9.99

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Casio Poptone Watch – Twitter Comp Winner…

Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has entered our Twitter competition over the last couple of days. We had a whopping 427 entries which just goes to show how much you lovely lot adore Casio!

The prize!

The time has now come to announce the lucky winner so drum roll please……

Congratulations to Jane Haselden AKA @Jane_is_me!

We really hope you love your new watch!

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“What’s A Grown Man Doing Watching Pro Wrestling?”

A close friend once asked me this very question with an air of shame in his voice. I honestly can’t say that I answered him as I was too busy witnessing the Rock stare down Hulk Hogan at yet another sold out Wrestlemania. I guess my ability to zone out when the wrestling is on comes from just years and years of being a fan of the strange and yet somehow (not so) beautiful erm ugh sport??!

You see back in the early 80’s when I was a wee nipper, on Saturday afternoons just after Saturday superstore and before the A-Team, on I.T.V’s World of Sport was Professional Wrestling and not the over the top glamed up wrestling we know today. This was British Wrestling, this was two burly men in leotards, two big sometimes overweight often middle aged men in skin tight lycra, gut barging, eye gauging and head locking their way out of our TV set. The two biggest names of the time were Big Daddy (who my Nan loved and my Granddad knew he could beat) and Giant Haystacks, a scary hairy monster of a man at 6 foot 5 and over 20 stone. Each week these behemoths in spandex would fight in village halls in front of old biddies swinging handbags and chanting “easy easy easy”, etching their legendary rivalry into the history books. Eventually their epic rivalry came to an end when Big Daddy gut barged Giant Haystacks out of the ring and through a table for a ten count making Big Daddy the winner in front of a sold out Wembley arena.

Sadly the wrestling stopped on Saturday afternoons but my love for this uniquely brutal form of entertainment did not die. By the time I got to Primary School most of my friends had acquired cable TV and a new group of heroes. Gone was the argument of “who would win in a fight Big Daddy or Superman?”, no now it was “who would win in a fight, Hulk Hogan or Superman?”. I’d hear playtime stories of Andre the Giant an actual freaky giant at 7 foot 5, The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan a man with a handle bar moustache, a silky white mullet and skin orange and shiny.

They all seemed way too mythical to be real to me but the stories kept coming. The Biggest story at the time was when Hulk Hogan finally slammed Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3, Andre was huge well over 500 pounds (I never realised pounds was weight, I just thought it was a lot of money). Gone were the chants of “easy easy easy” now we chanted “USA USA USA”, We weren’t even American, it made little sense but nothing did and it was fun.

Every playtime we would group together and do “Ible oble black bobble ible oble out” to see who got be Hulk Hogan and one at a time would line up to get slammed on the grass when the teachers weren’t watching. Most the time, in fact every time it would end with someone shouting “Pile On!!” and us in massive heap on the grass laughing and screaming, a teacher would shout “break it up” and we would walk heads down with grass stained knees back to class.

I don’t know if can answer my friends question. I guess pro wrestling is like a man’s version of Coronation Street or Eastenders. You get a bit of a story, a lot of bad acting and some violence – what more do you want? Just take this advice from Hulk Hogan “Train hard, take your vitamins and say your prayers” oh and “What you gonna Doooo, Watcha gonna do Brother when Hulkamania Runs wild on you?”

TruffleShuffle Twitter Competition Time!

Here at Truffle Towers, we can never resist a good giveaway so figured it was about time we give you lovely lot another chance to win yourself a TruffleShuffle treat on us in our exclusive Twitter comp!

So what can you win?

Win our black retro poptone watch - RRP £40

Seeing as you guys are loving our amazing Casio range so much, we figured one of their fabulous watches would make the perfect prize! The natural choice was their black retro poptone watch which, with it’s 80’s arcade inspired dials and styling, looks like it was designed with us in mind.  With it’s square face and rubber strap, it not only comes with digital time but also a mini analogue clock too! Sure to appeal to all you retro loving folk out there, it’s worth £40, comes complete with a Casio presentation box and is the perfect piece of wrist candy for guys and gals alike.

How to Enter!

Entry into the competition couldn’t be simpler! Simply tweet the text below and you’ll be entered into a draw with a winner picked at random from all the entries:

RETWEET the @truffleshuffle_ Twitter contest for a chance to win a Casio Poptone Watch, RRP £40!

You can tweet it as many times as you like and the competition will close at 4pm on Tuesday 31st May with the winner being announced before 5pm!

Do I need to follow @truffleshuffle_ on Twitter to be entered in the competition?

You do not need to follow us (@truffleshuffle_) to be eligible for the giveaway. However, we will be announcing our winners and fulfilling the prizes via Twitter and so following us will be very helpful should you be selected as the prize winner (see ‘How will you contact the winner?’ below.)

How will you contact the winner?

We will announce the winner via our Twitter account (@truffleshuffle_). We will also attempt to contact each winner directly via Twitter. If the winner follows @truffleshuffle_ on Twitter, we will be able to send them a direct message. If the winner does not follow us, we will send them an @reply and ask them to follow us to that we can then directly message them. If we do not receive a response from a winner after a period of five business days or if for any reason we are unable to arrange the details of fulfilment with a winner, we will select a new winner and begin the process again.

So….. there we go peeps! Get those thumbs a tweeting to be in with a chance to win and you could soon be the proud owner of a brand new watch!

PS Don’t forget to check out our amazing range of classic Casio’s HERE!