NEW Junk Food Originals, The Authentic Vintage Collection

Looking to add to your vintage tee collection? Look no further! Junk Food have just introduced this brand new ORIGINALS collection and boy, are we chomping at the bit to get our hands on some of these prize beauties!

Incorporating that vintage, lived-in, loved and faded look we all love from a real vintage tee, Junk Food have really focused on the finer details and used hand drawn graphics, real vintage fabrics, special washes and dye treatments to re-create an authentic and unique range of tees which also feature classic prints from a nostalgic, bygone era. All hail Junk Food, we applaud this new range for Spring Summer ’11 and can’t wait to flaunt our new(ish) tees at music festivals, in sunny parks, on our hols, down the pub and well, everywhere!

Ladies Band TShirts

Mens Band TShirts

Cycling Superheroes

Being a keen cyclist I was pedalling my way across the world wide web the other night when I came across some some fantastic illustrations by graphic designer/illustrator/fellow bike fiend Mike Joos.

If like me, you grew up reading comics you’ll know some superheroes can fly through the air, some can scale skyscrapers and others can metamorphose into other beings. However, I don’t remember them ever resorting to riding bicycles! Joos, has created the funny side of these superheroes with these illustrations in which each character rides a customized bike. What is even more clever is that each of the bicycles is somehow connected to the character that sits on it.

See a selection of our favourite bike-themed Joos pieces below:


Don’t be a plonker this Fathers day…

Head over to our gifts section and check out the new Only Fools and Horses Range!

There’s nothing we love better than a lovely Jubbly brew and Del-Boy would definitely be in agreement! Give your dad a break from his under-the-jacket trading with these awesome Only Fools and Horses inspired mugs…

Only Fools And Horses Mug
Only Fools And Horses You Plonker Boxed Mug £5.99
Only Fools And Horses Giant Mug
Only Fools And Horses Giant 'Cushty' Mug £9.99

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